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108㎡ Simple European Style Wedding Room, the Morandi Color System with Its Own Beauty Filter is So Beautiful!

One house for two people, three meals and four seasons. The young couples born in 1995 live a romantic life. Their wedding room adopts the whole house Morandi color matching + practical function design, and it has other advantages of charming appearance, storage and cloakroom.

1. Design highlights of furniture products

(1) Guest room + children's room, one room is multi-purpose;

(2) The color matching of the master bedroom is soothing, which is helpful for sleep;

(3) Customized cloakroom, orderly storage;

(4) Morandi color matching, fashionable and stylish.

2. Furnitures design for different positions in the interior

(1) Living room

The soft blue and orange contrasting colors are fashionable and agile, which makes people eye-catching. With gray-based modern european style furniture, every decoration presents a warm and romantic feeling.


With a comfortable lounge chair, romantic white curtains, and natural scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, sitting here in a daze and basking in the sun, is enough to soothe the tired body and mind.

(2) Restaurant

The low-saturation pink with orange and blue, plus the embellishment of green plants and exquisite ornaments, creates a romantic petty bourgeoisie dining atmosphere. The happy life of one house, two people, three meals and four seasons is all at this moment.


(3) Master bedroom

As the daily rest space of the owner and the couple, the master bedroom is as simple and pure as possible, with a comfortable big bed with a bread-like feel, and an all-in-one full soft bag design, allowing them to enjoy a good night's sleep. The edges and corners are full and round, making it safer to prevent bumps.

The master bedroom has a dressing room, which can meet the needs of makeup + storage at one time. There is a special dressing room for makeup and dressing. The owners expresses their happiness.


(4) Second bedroom

The owner couple had plans to have children, so the designer made the second bedroom into a children's room. At present, it is used as a guest room. The childlike decoration and soft tones are in line with children's innocence. The integrated design of wardrobe and desk can meet the various needs of children in the future.

The owner and his wife pay attention to a comfortable and environmentally friendly home environment, so they decided to use the original formaldehyde-purifying bamboo board of HOLIKE, which can purify the free formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and decompose the formaldehyde into water molecules and carbon dioxide to purify the air and resist bacteria.

(5) Cloakroom

The wardrobe is matched with apricot white + light cloth pattern to create a refreshing and bright space atmosphere. The closed door cabinet is combined with the open wardrobe to create an orderly storage partition. The design of the dressing table is convenient for the couple to read books, learn and keep enriching yourself.

Opposite to the wardrobe is the area dedicated to placing shoes, bags and accessories. The open laminate integrates storage and display, making it a landscape that cannot be ignored in the space. The lamb white lounge chair is exquisite and versatile, and you can sit when wearing accessories and shoes, which is super convenient.


Morandi tones + practical functional design, with a charming appearance, storage function and cloakroom. This 108-square-meter wedding room is so beautiful. No wonder the owner and his wife are full of praise for the design of HOLIKE.

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