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9 Tips for the elderly bedroom decoration guide, you need to know!

The elderly bedroom decoration guide

Home design ideas--There are so many home renovation plans


Modern young people pursues style and personality for their bedroom design, but for the elderly, the practicality and safety of the bedroom are more important. How to make the elderly bedroom design safe and intimate?

Let's take a look together~


Main content

Bedroom design, bathroom design, furniture selection


Bedroom design

①Bedroom style

Bedroom decoration can be designed according to the elderly' living habits

The overall color should not be too fancy, just a calm and quiet style


②Bed choice

The bedroom is usually designed with a large bed, but as people get older, the quality of sleep deteriorates. These elderly people who wake up easily like to sleep in separate beds. In this case, you can consider the design of two single beds. The choice is based on the comfort of the elderly' sleep.


③ Installation of lights

The eyes of the elderly are not good, incandescent lamps are easy to dazzle, and the bedroom lighting is best to be warm. The elderly often need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, and a sensor light strip can be installed beside the bed.


Bathroom design

①Distance from toilet

If conditions permit, a bathroom can be added to the elderly bedroom, or the elderly bedroom can be arranged closed to the bathroom, so that the elderly can use bathroom more conveniently in the middle of the night.


② Bathroom safety

The bathroom is wet. If the decoration is not good, it is easy to have potential safety hazards. The first consideration is to install anti-skid bricks to protect the safety of the elderly. Secondly, consider installing handrails in the shower area or toilet area, which is convenient for the elderly to take advantage of.


Furniture selection

①Arc angle design

Try not to choose furniture with sharp corners to avoid accidentally scratching the elderly, and furniture with rounded corners is more suitable.


②Storage cabinet

The elderly are usually more thrifty and are reluctant to throw away many items, so the room should have sufficient storage space, and be equipped with a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe to meet their storage needs.


③ Desk

Some elder people usually have the habit of writing, and a simple desk is also essential, which is convenient to put some small objects such as teacups and radios.


④Eco-friendly furniture materials

As the elderly grow older, their resistance decreases, and some irritating odors can easily cause a series of problems. Therefore, the choice of furniture for the elderly room must pay attention to environmentally friendly materials.


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