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Afraid of Being Trapped? All the Tips for Custom Furniture Are Here!

1. What kind of furniture is suitable for customization?

In general, the following types of furniture are most suitable for customization:

Porch cabinet, wardrobe, tatami, living room TV cabinet (on the wall), kitchen base cabinet, kitchen wall cabinet, kitchen island, bar counter of living room and dining room, bay window cabinet, balcony laundry cabinet, bookcase, desk, storage cabinet, workbench.

As bed, sofa, coffee table, independent TV cabinet, sideboard cabinet, chest, dining table, computer table, bathroom cabinet, you can generally buy ready-made furniture. Of course, if you want to unify the style, you can make the whole house customization.

2. Under what circumstances should you choose custom furniture?

(1) If you have ideas about the style of furniture, such as Europe style furniture, China furniture sofamodern European style furniture and the finished furniture can not meet your requirements.

(2) Due to the limitation of house type, the finished furniture can not meet the size requirements. At this time, the flexibility of custom furniture is reflected.

(3) The general panel furniture takes the custom route.

3. How to choose and use custom furniture?

What suits you is the best customization. If we want to achieve the most satisfactory customization effect, we cannot blindly pursue the furnishings of model houses in the store. The best customization is the one that suits your living habits and home environment.

If you measure the design drawings by yourself before customization, remember to make sure that the dimensions are correct, or you can make an appointment with the merchant to measure the design drawings before confirming the order. When customizing, you should pay more attention to the coordination of the whole house, the convenience of use, and customize the furniture that conforms to your own aesthetic and using habits. It is better to confirm the details of the order in written form, so as to avoid misunderstanding caused by oral expression and affecting the customization effect. Try to choose the standard size in line with the ergonomic design size, which is more convenient for future use. After installing new furniture, ventilate and disperse the smell to ensure indoor air quality.

As a professional custom furniture manufacturers, Holike can provide you with the most professional custom furniture and custom services. Welcome to call and purchase.

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