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Analysis of Several Future Trends in European Furniture

Recently, the evolution theory of European and American style furniture appeared online, the researchers made a complete review of the development history of European furniture and American furniture, and put forward unique views on the future trends of the two categories of furniture.

Trend one: environmentally friendly European furniture

In terms of any European furniture, whether imported, or domestic high-end brands, or how high the price and grade, as long as there are problems in the quality of environmental protection, then such European furniture is also not worth buying.

In fact, this is exactly the problem that many high-end European furniture brands are trying to solve, and some of them are already doing so well that they are expected to become the mainstream trend of the whole industry. The companies that are considered the benchmark for European furniture are strictly controlling the possible harmful substances of furniture from the source and using the most environmentally friendly auxiliary materials.

Trend two: fashion European furniture

How else can European furniture be fashionable? This is a question. After the fashion of European furniture, will older people like it? This is the second question.

In fact, now an obvious trend is that the young nouveau riche under 35 years old, with millions of assets, has changed their preference for European furniture significantly, many of whom do not like the more stereotypical and serious traditional European furniture. On the contrary, they prefer to easy, stylish, simple, and more creative fashionable European furniture.

How to be fashionable? This is mainly in the design of fashion elements, such as simple style, more jumping colors, bolder and more creative shape, such as the British casual series of HOLIKE, which is an obvious case.

Trend three: cross boundary European furniture

European furniture design is staged across the border. The most obvious is to take lessons from the clothing design industry. Another phenomenon is that many famous clothing brands launched a consistent style of home products.

For a long time, apparel, shoes and hats have been the highland of design creativity, and creativity is ready to explode. The crossover between the two fields is reflected in the matching of colors, line design, pattern drawing, etc. The same is true for many luxury goods.

Trend 4: European furniture combined with traditional Chinese cultural elements

A few years ago, European furniture was considering the combination with traditional Chinese culture, and a large number of Chinese cultural elements appeared on some high-end furniture products.

This is the trend that is getting stronger and stronger. There will be more European furniture using Chinese culture, such as plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, landscape painting, Chinese auspicious objects, as well as auspicious clouds, bamboo, Qin bricks and Han tiles, Chinese knots, brushes, seals, Ruyi and other elements, will be properly used in European furniture.


Trend 5: European furniture is young

In the recent high-net-worth individuals and mass affluent class report, the proportion of young nouveau riche is higher, so the young group, in fact, determines the young consumer mentality.

European furniture either meets the arrival of such a consumer trend, or sticks to the high-end consumer market of older rich people. There are already European furniture brands making changes in their products, with multiple series and styles to meet customers of different ages, different backgrounds and different needs content.

This specific changes of European furniture are: lines and shapes are more simple and modern, bold use of bright colors such as goose yellow, orange-red, deep purple, and a variety of high-tech materials, intelligent technology and solid wood.

Trend six: European furniture with modern sense

European furniture is changing in material, style and color. Some styles will adhere to the calmness and luxury of traditional style, while some new styles have a stronger sense of modernity.

In terms of color, there is European furniture using white maple wood color, camel color and gradient color as the lacquer. In terms of material and design, it has also started to move closer to modern panel furniture, with a combination of glass, acrylic, fabric, leather and other materials. Smart technology has emerged in the manufacture of furniture such as beds, chairs, cabinets, and bars.

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