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Anti-fraud Guide of Purchasing a Whole House Customization

1. The design drawings and the actual finished products of the whole house customization are the difference between the buyer's show and the seller's show.

Color mismatch, insufficient size, violation of living habits, uncoordinated style, chaotic layout... Various problems are common in the field of whole house customization, and most of the problems are rooted in the lack of designer ability.

Tips: From design to installation, consumers should continue to pay attention to the entire process. If there are flaws, don't take a chance and have a "useable" mentality. You should ask for rework, otherwise, it will be more troublesome in the future.

2. Whole house customization does not include all costs

The sales staff of custom furniture often only tell consumers the price of the materials used per square meter when quoting. When making a wardrobe, metal fasteners, guide rails, and hinges for mounting shelves are charged separately. If a sliding door is installed, the price of the door and slide rail will be calculated separately.

Tips: Try to ask clearly when communicating. Even if you pay later, there is a bottom line.

3. The wrong board of the furniture in the whole house customization

After the design plan is determined, if you are not careful, you might be deceived about the material of the custom-made furniture. The different types of Europe style furniture or new Chinese furniture need different materials. Customized furniture materials on the market are mainly divided into wood-based panels and solid wood panels. The two types of panels are divided into domestic panels and imported panels. The cost of different panels varies greatly, and it is difficult for ordinary consumers to see them in the store.

Tips: Consumers should first inquire about the material of the furniture during the purchase process, and they must also indicate the material when signing the contract. After the goods are shipped, it is difficult to identify the inside of the board because the outside of the board is covered by decorative material when the furniture is finished. So when choosing custom furniture, you must find a trustworthy and guaranteed brand manufacturer.


4. The backplane in the whole house customization is prone to inferior quality

In the whole house customization, because the backboard is leaning against the wall and not being seen, it is easy to cut corners. For example, if a thick backplane is required or the default is a thick backplane, the result is a thin backplane; the thin backplane needs to be reinforced, and the reinforcement needs to be calculated.

Tips: To avoid being deceived, the quantity, thickness, and price of the backboard should also be indicated in the contract.

5. The after-sales in the whole house customization is irresponsible

There are many customization processes for the entire house, which is more prone to problems. Some manufacturers promised worry-free after-sales in the early stage, but when the products actually had problems, they did not solve them in time and shirk their responsibilities. This seriously affects the consumer experience.

Tips: Stipulate the content of after-sales service and liability for breach of contract in the contract. If you have any questions, please contact the company directly. In addition, there are currently two custom payment methods for whole house customization. One is full prepayment, and another is paid in installments. If the effect is really unsatisfactory, you can choose to refuse to pay the balance.

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