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Detailed Classification of European Furniture

European style furniture can be divided into four types according to different style characteristics and handling of details: European classical style furniture, European neoclassical style furniture, European rustic style furniture, and simple European style furniture.

1. Classical style of European furniture

European classical style, as an important genre of household, continues the characteristics of the royal family furniture from the 17th century to the 19th century, which strives for perfection, with the pursuit of luxury and elegance in solemn style. Besides, after the modern design methods are integrated, it is closer to practicality, revealing a European tradition of history and profound cultural background.

2. Neoclassical style of European furniture

European neoclassical style furniture has abandoned the overly complex texture and decoration, and simplified the lines. Combining classical style with a unique personal style and modern spirit, European classical furniture presents a colorful look. It has classical curves and curved surfaces, but has less classical carvings, and more straight lines like the modern furniture. White, curry, yellow and vivid red are the common main colors in European style, with a small amount of white blended to make the colors look bright and gorgeous, so that the whole space gives an extraordinary temperament of openness and tolerance.

3. Rustic style of European furniture

European rustic style furniture abandoned the flashy and elaborate Baroque and Rococo style, emphasizing the overall unique European cultural connotations, focusing on simple, clear lines and elegant and decent decoration, coupled with the influence of traditional craftsmanship, with the use of modern advanced technology, making European rustic style furniture appear more graceful atmosphere, elegant and dignified.

European rustic style furniture focus on details, and a small handle has hundreds of shapes. Moreover, the painting technology of European rustic style furniture is complex, and the processing of some details is very different from that of other furniture, and the resulting texture pattern is steady and delicate.

In the modern city, European rustic style furniture represents perhaps not the real sense of the countryside or idyllic sense, but is more like an experience of people revering nature, so that people's body and mind can relax and stretch, as if breathing the breath of nature.

4. Minimalist style of European furniture

It is also known as simple European furniture. European minimalist style furniture is a lineage with the European classical style furniture, and has similarities and differences with American style furniture. On the basis of following the tradition, more is the pursuit of furniture comfort and practicality. It has abandoned the complexity of classical furniture, uses more simple lines, and natural solid wood grain, but without losing the noble and elegant sense, so as to achieve a simple and uncomplicated design style.


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