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Detailed Introduction of the Five Types of Furniture

Nowadays, furniture products are becoming more and more abundant, such as new Chinese style, modern luxury style... there is a fierce competition on the market. Every consumer can have more choices in the current furniture market. From the perspective of the industry, how many types of furniture are there? Let us learn about different types of furniture together!


Furniture category one: solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture refers to furniture made of natural wood, and wood patterns can generally be seen on the surface of such furniture. Furniture manufacturers generally pay attention to finishing varnishes or matte paints for solid wood furniture to express the natural color of wood.

Furniture category two: mahogany furniture

It is also a kind of solid wood furniture, but mahogany furniture is a separate style of furniture series in the furniture industry, which is different from other solid wood furniture, so it is also specially explained here.

According to relevant regulations, the so-called mahogany furniture mainly refers to furniture made of red sandalwood, rosewood, ebony, gall and wenge wood. Furniture made of other woods cannot be called mahogany furniture. Rosewood is the best among mahogany. Its wood is hard, purple-black in color, dignified, and feels heavy.

Furniture category three: panel furniture

Panel furniture refers to the disassembly and assembly combined furniture that uses artificial boards as the main materials and panels. At present, the veneers of some panel furniture sold on the market are becoming more and more realistic, with good gloss and hand feeling, and products with fine craftsmanship are also very expensive.

Furniture category four: upholstered furniture

1. American style sofa

The biggest charm of the American style sofa is that it is very soft and comfortable, making people feel like being gently embraced by sitting in it. At present, many sofas are all made by adding sponges with different hardnesses on the frame. Many American sofa seats are still using the design of spring and sponge, which makes this sofa design very strong and durable. Before buying this kind of sofa, you must measure the area of the living room. Generally speaking, only a large living room of 20 square meters or more can consider buying this kind of sofa.

2. Japanese style sofa

The biggest feature of the Japanese style sofa is its small fence-like armrest and short design. This kind of sofa design is most suitable for people who admire natural and simple home style. The small Japanese style sofa reveals a rigorous attitude towards life. Therefore, Japanese style sofas are often used in some office spaces. This kind of sofa is also suitable for the elderly, because some elder people have some trouble with walking, the hard Japanese style sofa makes them feel more comfortable and easier to sit up.

3. Chinese sofa

The Chinese sofa is characterized by the exposed solid wood frame. The upper sponge cushion can be replaced as needed. This flexible way makes Chinese sofas beloved by many people. The Chinese sofa design is warm in winter and cool in summer, convenient and practical.

4. Modern and avant-garde European style couch

The European style couches in modern styles are mostly elegant in color and simple in lines, which are suitable for ordinary families. This kind of sofa has a wide range of applications, and it feels good to be placed in various styles of rooms. In recent years, light-colored sofas such as beige are more popular. According to different materials, sofas are divided into fabric sofas, leather sofas and so on.

Furniture category five: rattan furniture

Most people subdivide rattan products into three series: bedrooms, living rooms, and gardens, including the rugged luxury of European and American models, the exquisiteness of Southeast Asian models, and the simplicity and elegance of traditional Chinese models. In addition to its practicality, designers emphasize more on its artistry. Throughout the major furniture markets, the current rattan furniture on the market is basically divided into the following categories: outdoor furniture, such as small round tables, back chairs, recliners, etc. on the side of garden and veranda, and swing sofa armchairs full of leisure and fun; the living room furniture is the most perfect and the most styled rattan furniture. A set of living room furniture made of red rattan core has a delicate and smooth style, and strives to be simple in shape and color, showing the beauty of craftsmanship; the dining room furniture lays emphasis on the combination of structure and color, which fully reflects its luxurious and elegant artistic characteristics.

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