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European Style Cabinets Vs Modern Cabinets, Which Style Can Attract You?

With the improvement of living standards, our requirements for life are getting higher and higher. When designing a kitchen, we should not only consider its functions, but the appearance is also important. The most popular styles are the European style and modern style. Which style can attract you more?

1. The aristocratic style of European style cabinets VS the elite style of modern cabinets

Every line of European-style cabinets is meticulously carved, exuding a distant luxury charm, all of which show its aristocratic temperament. So even in the kitchen, the owner will not lose the nobility.

The modern kitchen is more elite, with a rigorous layout, simple moving lines, bright and attractive mirror paint, and the perfect combination of sound, light, and electricity. The strong modern style is also engrossing.

2. The low-key luxury of European style cabinets VS fashionable and avant-garde modern cabinets

The design of European-style cabinets is full of strong cultural charm, giving people a feeling of grand and luxury. Every corner exudes a low-key retro atmosphere, showing a noble and luxurious temperament.

The modern cabinets have top-notch craftsmanship, stylish appearance, and exaggerated shapes as if presenting you with a set of "luxury cars in the cabinets".

3. The finely crafted European style cabinets VS modern cabinets which return to nature

The details are meticulously crafted, whether it is the door panel, the top line, or even the background panel. European-style cabinets are carefully decorated with delicate but not cumbersome lines, showing a meticulous personality charm.

The original color brews the original taste, and modern cabinets will choose design elements that are closer to nature, adding some natural freshness to the life full of artificial elements.

4. Classical innovation of European style cabinets VS fashionable retro modern cabinets

The strong classical style of European style cabinets, the exquisite hand carving, and the application of various advanced kitchen equipment and functional accessories make the small kitchen space be used to the greatest extent. With the blend of the classical and modern elements, there is a feeling of warmth.

Modern cabinets develop retro style into a new kitchen style. The natural slate retro industrial style, plus the embellishment of rose gold decorative strips, show the charm of modern art in a low-key industrial style.

The comparison between the design of European-style cabinets and modern cabinets is actually the comparison of different living habits and aesthetics. Different people have different views. The final selection must be the cabinet that is the most engrossing, the most comfortable to use, and the most pleasing to you. Have you chosen your favorite kitchen style?


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