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Four Elements of the Whole House Customization

1. The environmentally friendly material in the whole house customization

High-quality whole-house customization must be supported by high-quality environmentally friendly materials. Good whole-house custom furniture must meet the health and environmental protection standards, that is, at least the national standard E1 level.

In addition, even if it is environmentally friendly, it is recommended to plan reasonably according to the storage needs of the home.

2. The quality of the design in the whole house customization

Whether the product can maximize the use of space and meet customer requirements depends on excellent designers. Moreover, the designer also needs to understand the brand's own material supply, production line level, and installation process.

So choosing a brand is very important, and choosing the right designer for the whole house customization is also very important. Some brand designers change quickly and do not understand the products at all, so there are problems with the realization of later products.

3. Process and equipment quality in whole house customization

Different equipment and processes may give the board to its greatest advantage, and may also damage the board.

For example, if you use bad cutting equipment to cut the board, it will produce jagged edges. Even if the edge is sealed, the dark base material will be exposed on the edge of the board, leaving unsightly jagged black lines, which is especially obvious in the light-colored design. Another example is that if the hot-melt adhesive does not seal the edges, it will leave glue lines, and at the same time, it is impossible to properly handle the rounded corners and polishing of the edges.

A good laser edge banding machine can make the plate and the edge banding perfect fit. Under the premise of similar processes, the equipment largely determines the quality of the finished product.


4. The quality of hardware accessories in the whole house customization

Among the custom new Chinese furniture, split furniture is mainly composed of cabinets, doors, hardware, accessories, etc. Although the furniture products are the main part of customization, the hardware fittings can't be ignored. Therefore, hardware accessories are the key to ensuring product quality. Good accessories can not only ensure the stability and longevity of customized furniture, but also can better guarantee the safety.

For example, stainless steel hinges with damping should usually be selected when choosing hinges, and the opening and closing times of the qualified hinge should be about 100,000 times. Of course, some good hinges can be opened and closed 500,000 times or more.

Drawer guide rails also need to choose stainless steel guide rails with damping, the reciprocating push-pull speed should be 1-15 times/min, and the qualified guide rail pull times should be about 100,000 times.

In addition, the load-bearing and functional styles of the hinges used in cabinets with different functions and purposes also need to be changed accordingly (such as thickening, two-segment rails, three-segment rails, etc.), including screws for fixing the hinges. Note that stainless steel should also be selected, so that the hinge will not fall off due to screw corrosion in the later stage.

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