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How can the furniture color scheme most favored by designers make the home more colorful?

In interior decoration, color matching is often the most tangled link. As a visual element in daily life, color matching in furniture design fully demonstrates the texture and atmosphere of the interior space, and can also subtly affect people’s emotions and reactions. Good home color collocation can not only attract people's attention in the first time, make the whole home more elegant, comfortable and unique, but also show a powerful artistic charm.

1. The red color in the furniture design

This is a color that easily attracts attention, so it is widely used in furniture decoration. In addition to having better visibility, it is also used to convey the image and spirit of energetic, active, enthusiastic, warm, forward and other meanings.

2. The orange color in the furniture design

Brightness is high. Therefore, when choosing orange for the color application of designer furniture, attention should be paid to the choice of matching colors and expressions, in order to bring out the bright and lively characteristics of orange. Orange is more gentle and is the warmest color among warm colors. Bright and energetic, it makes people feel warm and beautiful as if they are bathed in the sun. It is an ideal color that can make people feel pleasant both mentally and physically, so it is often used in the design of warm scenes.

3. The yellow color in the furniture design

This is a positive sunrise color, just like a full sunflower. So gorgeous that it can overflow with juice. Yellow is used for room matching, not only to awaken vigor and vitality, but also to capture a unique romantic mood. The modern luxury interior doors may be much suitable for your yellow room.

4. The green color in the furniture design

This is the color belonging to nature and the most common color. It is easy to think of freshness, health, youth, vitality, life and hope, etc., and can create different atmosphere feelings according to the shade of green, or noble and mysterious, or fresh and elegant feelings.

5. The blue color in the furniture design

It gives people a more peaceful feeling, and can bring a feeling of tranquility and shelter. This color helps to clear up distracting thoughts attentively and allows us to refocus our thoughts. In color psychology, blue is a soothing color. It has a calming effect and can restore calmness.

6. The gray color in the furniture design

It has a soft and elegant image, and it is an intermediate character, which can be accepted by both men and women. Therefore, gray is also the main color that will always be popular. It does not mean that there is no vitality. On the contrary, it has more possibilities. Gray appears to be inclusive, matching with any color is not unobtrusive. It can also contrast the matching color to be a beautiful and glamorous color; it makes the room more versatile, and you can make change willfully and casually.

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