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High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets Pros And Cons

High gloss kitchen cabinets pros

High-gloss panel is actually a decorative panel, a color, pattern, brightness of the panel, usually used in home decoration, construction and other fields more, so that the high-gloss panel is a very popular panel.

There are many advantages of high-gloss board, the following is a brief introduction of its main advantages.

1. Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, often wash the surface color does not change, not fade.

2. The surface does not produce static electricity in the cleaning process is not easy to attach dust, the surface has oil and dirt within 12 hours with ordinary cleaning agents immediately removed.

3. No color difference, no discoloration, the same product each time the supply of color, surface effect, pattern to maintain consistent.

4. The fashionable flower color leads the fashionable color to meet the personalized demand and create the space of imagination for you and the designer.

5. The raw materials used are very environmentally friendly, so it is very safe to use, which does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances. After a long time of use is not easy to appear yellowing, so the durability will be longer, can ensure that the pattern and color and the previous is consistent. 6.

6. Also has a certain high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and easy to clean performance, so can use the life is relatively long, usually clean up is also very convenient.


High gloss kitchen cabinets cons

1. The main drawback of high gloss laminate kitchen cabinets is that in the process of making, the level of requirements for the process is very high, so there will be a large number of scrap rate, the need to use to the material will be more.

2. In addition to the price is also relatively high, so the better economic conditions of people can buy this type of closet doors.

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