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High-end Dining Room + Luxurious Master Bedroom, Living in This Romantic Four-bedroom, It is Valentine's Day Every Day!

In his spare time, he cooks a few specialty dishes. The family sits around and enjoys delicious food, accompanied by the sunshine, and overlooks the prosperity of the city. In Mr. Zhou's new home, the three generations live happily together.

1. Design highlights of furniture products

(1) Open guest restaurant to enhance interaction;

(2) Whole house storage system, easy storage;

(3) Luxurious master bedroom, improve the quality of life;

(4) Elegant study, comfortable and cozy.

2. The design of different positions of home furniture

(1) Entrance

The bottom of the shoe cabinet is deliberately left blank to add a sense of breath to the entrance space. The mix of Corsican dark gold and Els wood grain patterns breaks the monotony of the space and is generous and decent.


(2) Living room

As an important place for entertaining guests, the owner hopes that the living room can be beautiful and atmospheric. The cabinet door with beige and silver sand pattern has a high-brightness effect, which reflects the high-level taste of the living room, and it also highlights the taste of owner when entertaining guests.


The furniture in the living room is simplified, elegant and comfortable. It is Markor Light, a brand of HOLIKE | Markor Home Furnishings, combined with the Dean Forest series of Home Furniture, which makes people return to the true nature of life and feel the comfort of cloud level at home.


(3) Restaurant

The black and white two-color mixing table is matched with the soft-textured dining chairs to create a personalized and fashionable dining atmosphere. The happy life of three generations, three meals and four seasons is carried out here.


The to-the-top sideboard is not only convenient for storing red wine, but also has a display function. The whole space is exquisite and stylish. The sideboard combines virtual and real feelings, and the storage capacity is max.


(4) Master bedroom

Els wood grain + Corsican dark gold parapet, adding a quiet and comfortable atmosphere to the master bedroom space, soft and natural as a whole, more conducive to sleep.


The cabinet on the entire wall at the end of the bed is super practical. It is both a TV cabinet and a dressing table, a private video room + a full-point dressing table, and the storage cabinet and drawer can easily hold many common items.

furniture-products-8-8.jpg(5) Elderly room

The elderly room is mainly designed with simple design, and the cabinets in Els wood grain color bring a fresh and refreshing visual experience with natural wood color elements.


The design of open floor + wardrobe + half-height cabinet allows various types of clutter to be stored in an orderly manner, and more open floors are deliberately reserved for the convenience of the elderly.


(6) Youth room

The mottled and colorful cabinet doors make the space more artistic and delicate, and it is more in line with young people who pursue individuality.


The youth room chooses the integrated design of wardrobe + desk, and the space utilization rate is max, which perfectly meets the needs of children's storage and learning.


(7) Study room

The owner is a lover of calligraphy, and reading is his most enjoyable time. The study room full of oriental flavor has become the space he spends most often.


The minimalist flat door + peacock veneer handle brings a new experience of oriental Zen, fresh and elegant, and the gray glass door is matched with the lighting in the cabinet to interpret the Chinese atmosphere of combining virtual and real feelings, with a unique charm.


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