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How Much Do You Know about the Characteristics and Style Classification of European Furniture?

1. The characteristics of modern European style furniture

(1) Complex carving

Baroque furniture has complex and exquisite carving patterns; rococo furniture also pays attention to carving, but the lines are softer; and the lines of neoclassical furniture are more bright, mainly to present the texture with inlay and skin.

(2) Prefer bright colors

The color of modern European furniture is very strong, particullay the baroque furniture, in which gold is the main color, with gold plating or gold foil as decoraion, which appears resplendent; the color of rococo furniture is softer, with beige and white pattern as the main color; neoclassical furniture color tends to warm color, such as log color and so on.

(3) Pay attention to decoration

Whether it is classical  or neoclassical furniture, you can often see all kinds of embroidered cloth, tassels and rivets and other decorations.

2. The style of European furniture

(1) Gothic style

This kind of new European furniture, composed of exquisite carving and gorgeous engraving, was first popular in France, with spires, arches and vertical lines, which is towering, light, splendid and exquisite. The representatives of ancient buildings that have a great influence on it are: Westminster Abbey in England, Notre Dame Cathedral in France, and Cologne Cathedral in Germany. For the description of Gothic architecture, people use such a sentence: "It leaps to the sky like a flame, upright and straight." The furniture production of this period is mainly to imitate the architectural appearance, and the existing furniture of this style is the most original in Spain.

(2) Baroque style

The main characteristics of Baroque style furniture are emphasis on strength, change and movement. Baroque European style couches' gorgeous cloth and exquisite carving can often cooperate with each other, integrating noble modeling and floor decoration, elegant temperament. This kind of European furniture emphasizes the comprehensiveness of architectural painting and sculpture as well as indoor environment, highlighting the characteristics of exaggeration, romance, passion, irrationality, illusion and fantasy. Besides, it breaks the equilibrium and the plane is changeable, emphasizing the gradation. The use of various kinds of marble, precious stones, bronze, gold and other decorations is magnificent and spectacular, breaking through some procedures and principles of Renaissance classicism.

(3) Rococo style

Rococo style is a compound word of "Rocaille" and "coquilles" in french that means rock and shell. Rococo style European furniture focuses on reflecting the curve characteristics. The back, armrest, legs and frame of this kind of Europe style furniture mostly adopt delicate and elegant carving. The top beam of the back has exquisite combination of undulating "C" shape and "S" shape scroll pattern. The leg of the couch adopts arc bending type and is equipped with foot that the animal claws grasp the ball. The top beam of the back and the front beam of the frame have shell pattern carving.

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