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How to Buy European Furniture?

1. Look at the material of European furniture

Some of the carvings on European furniture are carved from solid wood, some are artificially cast using resin, which does not look like the texture of solid wood, and the carvings are not realistic enough.

In the gilding part, good furniture products generally use 24K gold foil, which looks textured, while some furniture uses gold oil, but bright and shiny appearance is not very real.

In addition, the fabric products such as cushion bags are also examined. Good products will use down, while low-grade products use sponge.

2. Look at the modelling process of European furniture

Hand-carved products are more vivid and agile than mechanically carved products, and therefore have a very high value. Many handicrafts are handed down over hundreds of years, with unique skills and strong culture.

Nowadays, the number of hand-carved products by master craftsmen is extremely limited, and the value of their furniture is naturally high. Top European furniture brands use round carving, carving, bottom embossing and other carving techniques. The work is purely handmade and full of dynamics, and is completely different from mechanically carved products, has a high value of investment collection.

3. Look at the hidden parts of European furniture

Consumers can feel the bottom of the coffee table and other furniture, to see if it has been processed. Note that whether the edges have uneven, warped phenomenon; look at the furniture door seams, drawer seams gap. The larger the gap, the rougher the workmanship. It will be deformed as time went by. These can tell whether the furniture is carefully made.

4. The placement of European furniture style

The European furniture that is more popular in China is dominated by the unrestrained and majestic Baroque and the delicate and beautiful Rococo style, and two points need to be paid attention to when matching the space.


5. European furniture avoids too much color

General customers are the first to choose furniture, and then set the home decorating style, which should be noted when matching the space. It is best to use the same color as the furniture as the main color. On this basis, appropriately add soft and contrasting colors or mid-color accessories, in order to create an elegant and harmonious atmosphere.

6. European furniture avoid improper accessories

To let the European furniture completely exude its charm, it can not be separated from the role of accessories, wallpaper, lamps, wall paintings, flooring, home textiles and other applications.

Wallpaper can be selected with complex patterns, artistic stripes, floral patterns or stories and characters; lamps and lanterns require rounded lines, soft light, and rustic iron chandelier is preferred; wall paintings require heavy ink and color, and the frame should also be heavy to match; curtains and bedding texture should be considered, so the fringe and lace can be used as decoration; ground must be paved with carpet, so choose a relatively calm pattern and color, do not be too fancy.

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