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How to Choose a Good European-style Sofa?

The European-style sofa is not only comfortable and soft, which can make people relax, but also embodies the trendy design concept and is beautiful. Therefore, European-style sofas are deeply loved by consumers. However, there are many types of European-style couches on the market, and the good and bad are intermingled together. Some sofas fall apart after a few years of use, or the leather surface (cloth surface) is old and cracked. It is a pity to throw it away. Moreover, the replacement of furniture itself is a very troublesome thing, a waste of money and labour power. Here we provide you with some tips for choosing a European sofa to facilitate your life.


1. Check the material of the European-style sofa

Don't be fooled by the beautiful appearance of the sofa, it may be as beautiful as an angel, but it is very delicate. Behind the appearance, the quality of the material is the key.

If you are going to buy a solid wood sofa, you need to know whether it is all solid wood and what kind of solid wood is used. In addition to the main material, you also need to look at the auxiliary materials, that is, what grade the sofa's leather or cloth belongs to, whether the sofa legs are alloys or pure copper, these are very important.

2. Check the structure of the European sofa

The reason why the European-style sofas sold on the market are easy to break is that their structure is very random. Some manufacturers assemble the sofa with just a few nails and a few drops of glue.

It can be imagined that the iron nails rust, then keep getting smaller, and corrode the surrounding materials, and then the parts become loose, and once the sofa is loose, it is not far from being scrapped. Also, the use period of glue is very limited. Once the glue fails, the sofa can only be thrown away. If your sofa is made of good material, and you spend a lot of money, in the end, because of nails and glue, the originally beautiful sofa is turned into waste, which is very distressing, so a solid structure is very important.

3. Check the carvings of European-style sofas

A very important function of the sofa is to entertain guests, so its cultural and artistic feelings are very important. A beautiful sofa not only makes you happy but also gets compliments from your guests. Whether the sofa is beautiful or not, the key lies in its carving.

First, look at what flower elements are carved on it, such as roses, shells, and ranunculus leaves. Then look at the way it is carved, whether it is relief, openwork, or flat carving. The visual perception of different carving methods is different. In the end, it depends on whether it is hand-carved or machine-carved. The hand-carved is more delicate, fresh, and has vitality.

4. Check the craftsmanship of European-style sofas

Craftsmanship is very important to the sofa. When you put your hand on it and touch it, you will know how smooth the wood is. Press it with your hand to test the resilience of the sofa. Especially for those embossed rubbing (rubbing) decorations, you can press it with your hand to test the feel, and then carefully check whether it is even. Of course, the most important is the surface treatment of the sofa wood, and you need to check what paint it uses.

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