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How to Choose European Style Cabinets?

In the European style decoration, European style cabinets are generally adopted. European style cabinets are designed in various forms. The main color of the cabinets is light, and the functionality is also particularly strong. European style cabinets use simple shapes to make the kitchen extraordinarily clean and tidy. European style cabinets give people a visual aesthetic enjoyment. Installing European style cabinets in the house can make the space more noble.


1. Check the sliding rails of the drawers of European style cabinets

Although it is a small detail, it is an important part that affects the quality of European-style cabinets. Due to the size error of the hole position and the panel, there is an error in the installation size of the slide rail, which causes the drawer to be unsmooth or loose from left to right. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether the drawer gap of the European-style cabinet is even.

2. Check the punching holes of European style cabinets

The current panel furniture is assembled by three-in-one connectors, which requires a lot of positioning and connection holes on the panel. The hole position and precision will affect the structural firmness of the European-style cabinet. Professional manufacturers use multiple rows of drills to complete several holes on the edge and surface of a panel at one time. These holes act as the positioning reference, and thus the dimensional accuracy can be guaranteed. Small manual factories use row drills or even pistol drills to make holes, and the size error is large.

3. Check the assembly effect of European style cabinets

Any dimensional error in the production process will be reflected in the door panels. The door panels produced by professional manufacturers are straight, and the door panels have uniform gaps. However, the European-style cabinets produced by small factories will have uneven door seams and uneven gaps.

4. Check the panel of European style cabinets

Panel cutting, also known as rough shape cutting of panels, is the first process in the production of European-style cabinets. Large-scale specialized enterprises use electronic cutting saws. First input the processing size into the computer, and the computer controls the dimensional accuracy of material selection and can process several panels at a time. The performance of the equipment is stable, the cut panel has a high precision, the tolerance unit is in micron, and there is no stubble on the edge of the panel. Small manual workshops use small manual cutting saws, which have large dimensional errors and stubble.

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