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How to Choose Your Own Custom Wardrobe

1. When choosing, you should first focus on the available materials of the custom walk-in wardrobe. Professional manufacturers such as Holike choose environmentally-friendly plates that meet national testing standards, while some manufacturers choose inferior plates that have no test reports and pose a potential threat to human health. Therefore, to buy a wardrobe, you should first notice that whether the merchant has the plate test report of the national authoritative testing department and the relevant test certificate.

2. The plate veneer of the custom walk-in wardrobe sample. Some wardrobes look good but there will be obvious scratches when you gently scratch with your fingernails. These wardrobes often use poly paper or gorgeous paper boards on the surface, which has poor wear resistance. While the professional manufacturers use environmental-friendly melamine veneers with thick dipping paint and high-temperature and high pressure treatment, which has high surface strength, wear resistance and scratch resistance.

3. The edge of the plate. Professional manufacturers use a precision panel saw to cut the plate, and there is no edge collapse around the plate. After edge sealing, the moisture in the air can be effectively prevented from invading the interior of the plate. While some manufacturers do not have professional equipment, not only rough cutting, there is an obvious edge collapse around. Some even cut corners, only sealing the edge of the front side of the plate. The remaining unsealed surface will absorb the moisture in the air, causing expansion of the plate, deformation of the wardrobe and affecting the service life.

4. The options of walk in closet door size. Professional manufacturers often use 5 mm or thicker backboard and melamine veneer to prevent the backboard from directly contacting with the wall and absorbing the water on the wall. The mainstream custom wardrobe brands on the market usually use nailed back panels that are not easy to be damp, moldy and deformed.

5. The hardware fitting. Professional manufacturers use well-known factory accessories with quality assurance. Accessories are often hidden, and it is difficult for consumers to identify, which needs scrutiny. Accessories are an important element of wardrobes, bookcases and sliding doors, and are important indicators to ensure the comfort and durability of household products.

As a professional custom furniture supplier, Holike can provide you with the highest quality custom walk-in wardrobe and the best after-sales service. Welcome to call for advice and purchase.

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