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How To Clean High Gloss Kitchen Cupboards

Use A Soft Microfibre Cloth

High-gloss surface of the door panel with a soft velvet cloth wipe clean, do not use wire balls or rough brush cleaning, so as not to damage the surface of the door panel.

General oil stains and dirt with neutral detergent or soapy water wipe, and dry with a dry cloth; more stubborn stains with a stain remover and a cleaning cloth, do not use high concentration or corrosive solvent wipe.

Avoid Any Chemical Cleaning Products

Daily cleaning

High gloss laminate kitchen cabinets: mention the glossy surface of the first impression is good cleaning, and many people choose glossy cabinet doors 70% of the reason is more convenient to clean, smooth surface touch in the daily cleaning cleaning becomes simple and easy. Choose bright surface may have some use will propose, daily cleaning to pay attention to, if the bright surface of the cabinet door surface oil stains a lot, only with a rag for cleaning, can not use the cleaning ball or will cause surface scratches will leave traces very ugly.

The treatment of stubborn stains should be based on the different materials of the countertop to determine the treatment plan. For example, the glossy surface of the countertop, it is directly coated with detergent, dissolved directly with a damp cloth to scrub clean. High gloss surface of the countertop will need to sandpaper, and then use bright agent, etc. to make it shiny.

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