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How to Clean Stains on Furniture?

Every family has a set of carefully selected furniture products, but it is easy to have dirt breakage over time. The cleaning of home furniture has become a problem that most people are unwilling to face. It may not be completely clean even it takes time and effort. There are some tips for home furniture cleaning that can help you easily solve small trouble.

Before cleaning stains from home furniture in different ways, it is necessary to directly remove the fabric as much as possible. For new stains, you can immediately use strong absorbent white cleaning materials such as napkins, towels and cotton to dry the stains on the fabric.

1. The cleaning of home furniture

When cleaning home furniture that already has stains, you can firstly take an effect test in an inconspicuous position of the home furniture. You can dip a small amount of solution with a soft brush and brush gently along the finer direction, and you can check the cleaning effect after ten seconds. If the color of the stain becomes lighter while the color of the fabric stays the same, you can continue cleaning a large scale of the furniture. If there are some negative situations, you should contact professional cleaning staff.

Then, you can continue to dip a small amount of the solution with a soft brush, and gently and repeatedly brush along the fiber direction. At the same time, you should use the prepared white material with strong water absorption to dry the rest liquid in time. The solution should not be too much to avoid polluting the inside layer of the sofa. Besides, you should not scrub in a gentle way to avoid damaging the fibers of the fabric.

2. Scrub stains for home furniture

You should brush the edge of the stain toward the center for better cleaning and prevent the stained area from expanding. Then, you should continue brushing stains with the detergent and blot them until there is no stains are transferred from the fabric to the strong absorbent cotton cloth.

You should be patient during the repeated cleaning process. Besides, you should gently clean it and observe the surface of home furniture. Some stubborn stains require a long time to be dissolved by the detergent.

Besides, you should choose the corresponding cleaning solution according to the type of furniture cleaning stain. In general, you can make a solution by mixing one teaspoon of white neutral detergent with one cup of water for cleaning stains such as tea, sauce, alcohol, coffee, milk, juice, syrup, ice cream, chocolate, food coloring, water stains, blood stains, normal glue, urine and vomit.

You should buy a special dry cleaning solvent and use a small amount of it for cleaning stains such as water stains, ink, cream, grease, nail polish, home furniture polish and leather shoe polish.


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