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How to Design Your Modern Walk-in Wardrobe?

1. What is modern walk-in wardrobe?

The walk-in clothes closet is a separate wardrobe for storing clothes and changing dresses. It originated in Europe and can store family clothes, shoes, hats, bags, accessories, bedding and so on.In addition to lockers, it generally includes dressers, dressing mirrors, pick-up ladders, ironing boards, coat hangers, seats and other facilities.

The ideal walk-in clothes closet area is generally at least 4 square meters. It is usually divided into hanging area, stacking area, underwear area, footwear area, bedding area and other special storage space. It's comfortable for the family to change dresses.

2. How to design your walk-in clothes closet?

The storage capacity of the walk-in clothes closet is higher than that of other cloakrooms, and the dust-proof property is also relatively good. However, if the modern walk-in wardrobe wants to be easy to use and good-looking, the following points need to be designed.

(1) Internal structure

It is very important to design the internal structure of the wardrobe rationally and maximize the utilization rate of the space. The walk-in clothes closet must first be customized according to the height and living habits of the owner. Different clothing needs different storage spaces. Functional zoning of walk-in clothes closet, including long clothes area, short clothes area, trousers rack area, bedding area, can make different items find suitable places, so that the home will be tidier and the clothing matching will be more convenient. For young men and women, the styles of clothes are more diverse. For young couples, it is best to set up a dedicated clothing storage space for men and women, and the clothing storage area had better be designed for clothes hanging and receiving. The designer should notice the walk in closet door width.

(2) Dust-proof and moisture-proof design

Whether it is for modern walk-in clothes closet or clothing, dust-proof and moisture-proof design is very important. A damped wardrobe is prone to deformation, and damped clothing is prone to mildew problems, and too much dust will lose the target of storage, so the issue of moisture and dust prevention must be taken into consideration in the design. To solve the moisture-proof problem, you can do some moisture-proof treatment on the wall of the cloakroom.

To solve the problem of dust-prevention, cabinet doors can be installed. If wooden cabinet doors are too crowded, glass doors can be installed. If you want an open wardrobe, it's better to put on a dust cover for clothes you don't wear often, or use a storage box to store them separately. If you think there are too many clothes and they are messy, you can use curtains to cover them and the effect is not bad.

(3) Lighting design

As an independent space, modern walk-in wardrobes have disadvantages in natural lighting, so the lighting design requirements are high, not only to meet the display effect of clothing and cloakrooms, but also to meet the convenience of wearing clothes. In terms of lighting design, it is best to set up a light source close to natural light, so that the color of the clothes is the closest to normal, convenient for dressing. Usually, downlights and light strips are used as the main lighting body. Of course, the specific lighting layout needs to be determined according to the actual situation.

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