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How to Do the Whole House Design?

The whole house needs to be designed before the house decoration to avoid the problem of process confusion that may occur during the decoration process.

Today we will talk about the whole house interior design. What should we do to achieve a better effect? Here are some suggestions.

1. Combination of entrance and partition cabinet in whole house design

On the left-hand side of the entrance door, make a porch partition cabinet combination against the wall. When the door is pushed in, it is very convenient to put the keys and bags on the storage cabinet and sit on the low stool to change shoes. The shoe cabinet separates the living room from the dining room and divides it into two spaces, adding a touch of privacy to the living room.

2. The combination of sofa and coffee table in the whole house design

In the location near the large balcony, you can make a combination of a coffee table and sofa against the wall. The dark green sofa body is matched with white cushions and a coffee table, which matches the rural-style background wall. Make a small cabinet and table lamp next to the sofa, and you can sit here and read a book at night, which is also very comfortable. Some people prefer custom ones from luxury coffee tables manufacturers, which also is a good choice. If you want to get more popular Chinese sofa design, click here to see different styles of China furniture sofa!


3. The combination of dining table and sideboard in the whole house design

In order to enhance the storage of the space, the cabinet body is combined with the beams and columns, and a dining area is arranged in the corner. The integrated design of the sideboard and the seat satisfies the owner's needs for leisure and dining. The whole house design saves a lot of space at home.

4. The combination of bedside table and wardrobe in the whole house design

There is a large recess in the bedroom, and the designer of the whole house made a sliding door wardrobe to the ceiling, which not only fills the recess space, but also solves the needs of clothing storage. The symmetrical bedside table design and lantern bedside lamp add a touch of sentiment to the bedroom space. The designer also made a green bedside stool, which is practical, because the hostess can sit here to wipe her hair after taking a shower.

5. The combination of the overall wardrobe in the whole house design

Because it is a small-sized family, when designing the wardrobe in the second bedroom in the whole house, according to the living needs of the hostess, the desk and bookcase are combined with the wardrobe. In addition to meeting the needs of the hostess's clothing storage, it is also a good choice to sit here and study online, accounting to study room furniture ideas.

6. The combination of desk and TV cabinet in the whole house design

Near the window, you can use the corner to make a corner desk and TV cabinet combination. This little corner can meet your needs.

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