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How to Make Cabinet Design More Practical in the Whole House Customization?

For consumers, how to decorate a new house is a major issue. Many of the details cannot be ignored, after all, buying a house is not easy, and the decoration is even more difficult, many people choose to customize the whole house after considering all aspects. When doing the whole house customization, the overall style must be determined in advance. For the styles, such as modern simplicity, European style, new Chinese style, light luxury, etc., first, choose the style you truly like. And then choose the color and patterns, and finally let the manufacturer design the effect drawing. This will better show the effect of the overall home in the later period.

The kitchen can be said to be the most life-like place in life. With the development and evolution of home improvement, the kitchen has gradually become more modern and convenient. In terms of the kitchen, when the whole house is made, the cabinets in the kitchen design are indispensable furniture. So the cabinets in the whole house customization are very concerned by many owners. How can the custom kitchen cabinets be designed more practical?

Whole House Customization

1. Notice the internal layout for kitchen cabinets in the whole house customization

If you want the kitchen cabinets to be practical, you can't ignore the internal design when customizing them. It can be said that 90% of the practicality of the kitchen cabinet comes from the internal structural layout. How should it be laid out? First of all, we start with the usage habit. The commonly used dishes should be placed in the base cabinet that can be easily got. Regarding the design of the depth of the kitchen cabinet, it is recommended that a depth is 60 cm. Some luxury modern kitchen cabinets have higher requirements for these.

In addition, the custom kitchen cabinet design can be laid out according to the frequency of use. Simply put, for those frequently used tools, such as condiments, you can put them on the countertop, use small accessories or customize some partitions to place them. The cabinet is a combination of base cabinets, tall cabinets and wall cabinets. The wall cabinet is basically used to store some infrequently used items, such as cereals, and some spare items.

2. Notice the simplicity of the external design for kitchen cabinets in the whole house customization

Although the practicality of the kitchen cabinets in the whole house customization is mostly realized by the internal structure. However, regarding practicality, the exterior of the kitchen cabinet is equally important, which involves styling. In fact, most of the kitchen cabinet designs customized for the whole house are combined with home appliances. The home appliances are embedded to save space, and at the same time, the practicality is improved, and the overall kitchen is more beautiful and tidy. The simplification of the external design can make the overall style more concise, without complicated craftsmanship, and convenient for cleaning.

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