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Is the Wardrobe Space Not Enough? Modern Walk-in Wardrobes Must Be Arranged in Your House!

1. What is a modern walk-in wardrobe?

Most of people have owned traditional wooden wardrobes. Generally, this kind of traditional wooden wardrobes will be set in the surrounding area of the bed, occupying almost the space of a wall. There are two ways to open them: side-hung doors and sliding doors. Such a wardrobe often occupies space, and the amount of clothes stored is often limited by the size.

While the walk in closet door options are different from the traditional one. The walk-in wardrobe has an independent space, which is specially used to store clothes, shoes and hats, bedding and other accessories. At the same time, it also includes dressing table, mirrors, seats and other related facilities, with strong storage function, which is convenient for use.

2. Advantages of walk-in wardrobes

(1) Humanized design

Walk-in wardrobe cabinets can be customized according to the actual house type and owners' habits, which can reflect the owner's taste and coordinate with the environment to a certain extent.

(2) Strong functionality

In the design of walk-in wardrobe cabinets, professional zoning will be carried out, and detailed arrangements will be made for hanging area, folding area, underwear area, footwear area and bedding area. The walk-in cloakroom with large area can also arrange furniture such as locker, dressing table, fitting mirror, ironing board, seats.

(3) Convenient use

Walk-in wardrobe cabinets are often designed with different areas inside, and various items in life can be classified and placed. Frequently used items and preserved items will also be stored separately. This storage method can make the home environment more tidy and comfortable, and convenient to use.

(4) Strong storage capacity

Generally, the space of walk-in wardrobe cabinets is relatively larger. Compared with the traditional wardrobe, there is more space for storing clothes. For the modern walk-in wardrobe cabinets, as long as a narrow aisle is left in the middle, both sides can be made into storage wardrobes.

3. How to design walk-in wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobe cabinets have independent and private space, generally there are two design forms. It is most suitable for some households with independent cloakroom space to make walk-in wardrobe cabinets, but for many households that do not have independent cloakroom space, walk-in wardrobe cabinets can also be made by cutting off space.

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