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Kitchen Cabinets Melamine VS Wood

Melamine kitchen cabinets cost

From the point of view of cost, most of the melamine panel furniture on the market for households is based on MDF and particleboard, while the higher-grade furniture is based on joinery board (solid wood core). In contrast, the performance of joinery board (solid wood core) is better than the first two. The internal structure of joinery board is uniform, the binding force is large, the deformation is small, the surface flatness is good, and the nail holding force is strong. Therefore, with joinery board as the base material of melamine board is more durable, more can play the characteristics of panel furniture resist assembly. MDF and particleboard have relatively loose texture, poor nail holding force and lower cost than the former.

There are different plates of melamine veneer press, can make the effect of the surface of the board, divided into smooth, hemp (coarse hemp, fine hemp and velvet hemp), relief surface (large and small relief).

Wood kitchen cabinets advantages

Modern wood grain kitchen cabinets is to point to integral ambry normally in with real wood it is real wood compound to do door plank and decide the ambry that make calls real wood ambry, hardware fittings of its cabinet body, mesa, function still is composed by manufacturer original brand configuration, advantage high-grade beautiful, grain nature to wait.

The advantage of modern wood grain kitchen cabinets, be like: high-grade beautiful, grain is natural, return uncut jade to the person true feeling; Environmental protection, no pollution, light and hard, durable and so on. These everybody knows basically, but the impression that traditional solid wood ambry gives a person is invariable normally, colour and lustre is onefold, shape is simple.

As the development of lumber processing technology, modern wood grain kitchen cabinet has become much appearance is colorful. Design and detail had more change, for instance of carve flower, grating join, make door plank more give prize, ark body also becomes more have model, on the processing of flower edge horn and lacquer colour and lustre more delicate also.

Accordingly, modern wood grain kitchen cabinet represents not only at present classic also represents vogue.

Ambry of pure solid wood whole belongs to natural environmental protection product, the price is expensive it is main a bit. The moisture content that still has is solid wood makes ambry humidity is relatively unstable, in winter rainy season can appear out of shape problem; If pass through direct sunlight in high temperature weather, or the continuance of dry weather will make solid wood whole ambry appears craze condition. Moreover is the modern wood grain kitchen cabinet on the paint exquisite, can not damage the internal material, so in metal products or other sharp sharp objects after the collision will appear paint or dent.

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