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Knowledge About Europe Style Furniture That You Can't Ignore During Purchase

There are many Europe style furniture on the market, and the prices are high. In order to buy satisfactory Europe style furniture, we must keep our eyes open when buying; in order to extend the life of the furniture, we must use it more carefully.

1. Purchase the Europe style furniture

When buying, try to pay attention to the style of furniture which should be elegant. Some inferior classical Europe style furniture is very rigid in style, especially some typical classical details such as arc or spiral decoration, etc., appear clumsy.

In addition, we must pay attention to the material. Europe style furniture must be of good material to appear bold. Pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the edge banding materials, and pay attention to whether the edge banding is uneven or warped.

When choosing, we can look at the space between the door gaps and drawer gaps of these modern European style furniture. If the gaps are large, it means that the craftsmanship is rough and the furniture will be deformed after a long time; we can see the furniture materials from the hinge grooves and the holes.


2. The maintenance of Europe style furniture

If the surface of the furniture is dirty, before cleaning the Europe style furniture, you should first use a soft cleaner such as a feather duster to clean the surface, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth. You can clean it with a small amount of water or an appropriate amount of detergent. For the panel, it can be treated with "furniture care solution" periodically while the inside of the cabinet should be kept clean.

In order to ensure that the surface of Europe style furniture is as bright as new for a long time, avoid long-term exposure to the sun. Normally, don't put over-cold or over-heated items directly on the surface of the furniture, don't place sharp or rough-bottomed items directly on the surface of the furniture, and don't put organic solvents directly on the tabletop. Hardware decoration (including gold-plated) parts only need to be cleaned lightly with a dry rag. Do not use cleaning agents containing chemicals and never use acidic liquids to clean the gold-plated parts. If the surface of the gold-plated parts has black spots that are difficult to remove, you can wipe them with kerosene.

3. Classification of Europe style furniture:

(1) Italian furniture:

Thanks to the combination of traditional production techniques with contemporary advanced technology, its most notable feature is the clever use of the golden section to make the furniture present a beauty in just the right proportions.

(2) French furniture:

The material of French classical furniture is basically cherry wood, no matter whether beech or oak is popular in other regions. French classical furniture and modern European style furniture have always insisted on using this material.

(3) Spanish furniture:

The biggest feature of Spanish Europe style furniture is the use of carving techniques. The carving decoration in the furniture is deeply influenced by Gothic architecture, and the flame-style Gothic lattices are mostly embossed on the details of the furniture.

4. Tips on the home decoration with Europe style furniture to create European and American style

(1) Furniture:

It should be commensurate with the European details on the hard decoration. Dark colors, western retro patterns, and westernized modeling furniture should be chosen to be in harmony with the large atmosphere and tone.

(2) Wallpaper:

You can choose some more distinctive wallpapers to decorate the room. For example, wallpapers painted with Bible stories and characters are very typical European style. In North American style, stripes and broken flowers are also very common.

(3) Lamps:

The shiny steel lamp is a big failure, and it is incompatible with Europe style furniture. The gorgeous and fine crushing crystal lamp is best not to be used. Some lamps with soft contour lines or soft light can be adopted. For example, wrought iron chandelier with a little shape and austere is a good choice.

(4) Decorative painting:

The room decorated in European style should adopt thick-looking frames with cumbersome lines to match the whole style. And decoration with gold on edge, carving, or even a grand style should not be excluded, because on the contrary, this is precisely the style.

(5) Color matching:

The background colors of Europe style furniture are mostly white and light colors, while the furniture can be white or dark, but it must be a series and the style should be unified. At the same time, the lining and textures of some fabrics are very important. Linen and canvas fabrics are not very fashionable, and silk fabrics are more noble.

(6) Floor:

If it is a duplex house, the floor of the lobby on the first floor can be laid with stone, which will appear spacious. If it is an ordinary living room, it is best to lay wooden floors in the living room and dining room. If the floor board and floor tiles are mixed up, the room will appear small.

(7) Carpet:

The main role of the ground in the Europe style decoration should be played by the carpet. The carpet with the comfortable foot feel and elegant unique texture complement well with Europe style furniture. It is best to choose relatively elegant patterns and colors, and a ground that is too fancy may conflict with the tranquility and harmony of European classic style.

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