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Maintenance and Matching of European Furniture

Ⅰ. The maintenance of European furniture

The maintenance of furniture is important. Avoid exposing the furniture to the sun for a long time. Usually, do not put items that are too cold or too hot, sharp or rough at the bottom directly on the surface of the furniture, and do not use organic solvents directly on the desktop.

Under normal circumstances, waxing only once a quarter can make European furniture look shiny and the surface will not be dusty, which is easier to clean. If the surface of the furniture is dirty, you should first use a soft cleaner to remove dust from the surface, and then gently wipe it with a soft cloth, and a small amount of water or detergent is better.

For panels, periodically treat with "furniture care solution" while keeping the inside of the cabinet clean. For hardware decoration (including gold plating), just wipe gently with a dry rag, do not use chemical-based cleaners. Do not clean with acidic liquid. If there are black spots that are difficult to remove on the surface of the gold-plated parts, it can be wiped and cleaned with kerosene.

When purchasing, try to choose elegant styles. The styles of some inferior European classical-style furniture are very rigid, especially the classical arc or vortex decoration is very poor.

Secondly, pay attention to the material, European classical style furniture only looks elegant if the material is good. You should pay attention to the pros and cons of the edge sealing material, and check whether the edge sealing is uneven and warped. When choosing, we can look at the gap between the door and drawer seams of European-style furniture. Too large crack means that the workmanship is rough, and it will deform after a long time. In addition, we can distinguish the material of the furniture from the hinge groove and the hole.


Ⅱ. The matching of European furniture

1. Furniture: It should be commensurate with the details of European-style furniture on the hard decoration. Ande it's better to choose dark, retro western patterns and very western styling furniture that is in harmony with the overall ambience and tone.

2. Lamps: The shiny steel lamps and lanterns are a big failure, because they are not matched with the European style at all. It is best not to use gorgeous and fine crystal lamps. It can be some lights with softer shape lines or soft light, and wrought iron branch lights are also a good choice.

3. Decorative painting: The room decorated in European style should choose a frame with complicated lines and a thicker look to match it. Gold-painted, carved or even more grand decorations are also acceptable, in line with the overall style.

4. Floor: If it is a duplex house, the floor of the hall on the first floor can be laid with stone, which will make it look more atmospheric. If it is an ordinary living room, it is best to lay wooden floors in the living room and dining room. If some floors are used, and some floor tiles are used, the room will appear narrow.

5. Wallpaper: You can choose some more distinctive wallpapers to decorate the room. For example, wallpapers with Bible stories and characters are typical European style. Stripes and florals are also common in North American styles.

Color matching: The background colors of European-style furniture are mostly white and light colors. The furniture can be white or dark, but they should be a set to form the best style. At the same time, the material and texture of some fabrics are very important. Linen and canvas fabrics are not suitable, and silk fabrics will appear more noble.

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