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Master the Five Principles of Study Decoration, Easily Handle the Study Room Design

The study is a very good place for work, study and leisure, and even can help us to store a lot of things. It can be said that it is a multifunctional space integrating beauty and practicality.

When it comes to the study room design, it seems that it's ordinary and nothing special, because it's not like the kitchen and bathroom decoration, which involves complex projects such as waterproof, but many details have to be considered in the actual planning. If you want to have a comfortable and good-looking reading space, you have to consider the following aspects.


Choosing the area of the study is the first step of decoration. Generally speaking, the study space should not be too large, because too large space is easy to distract people. In addition, the study environment is best to be quiet and free of disturbance, so you should choose a room where people do not often move around as the study.


Some people may say that there is no room as a study, but they particularly want one, how to do? There are also many such situations, and the solutions are as follows:

(1) Open up the living room space to make the study. There are two ways, one is that when the living room area is abundant, we will directly divide the living room into two areas to use; the other is to integrate the study and the living room together, of course, this situation generally appears in the case of limited house space, concessions has to be made.

(2) The balcony is used as a study. This approach is common and can make good use of limited space.

(3) The bedroom is used as a study. It usually appears in the secondary bedroom or children's room. The desk, bookcase and bed can be organically combined in children's room design to save space.


The biggest function of the study is to work and study. Quietness is the most basic requirement. An environment without external interference helps us concentrate and stay in a relaxed state. Therefore, attention should be paid to the selection of materials and construction techniques in the decoration to achieve this. The effect of indoor noise isolation depends on the five major parts of ceiling, wall, floor, door and window, all of which are indispensable.

Green decoration

Study room furniture design can not be without green decoration, here "green" refers to two aspects: one is the environmental protection of the materials used, especially when the study room is a place for children to study for a long time, the quality of the selected materials must be guaranteed; the other is to use the eyes for a long time in the study, which need some green plants to adjust the atmosphere, at the same time alleviating the visual fatigue, such as Clivia, Asparagus, evergreen.

Sufficient light source

Indoor light source is mainly divided into two categories - natural light source and artificial light source, the study should combine two kinds of light source, and must be bright but not dazzling. The desk had better be placed on the window with sufficient natural light but not direct light, while the bookcase should take the influence of light, temperature and ventilation on books into account.

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