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Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet


From the user's point of view, holike integrates people's habits and needs in daily kitchen life, and customizes a cooking art space where beauty, quality and functionality coexist for each user.


What is the Most Popular Design For Kitchen Cabinets?


The reasonable zoning and strong storage capacity maximize the use of every inch of space, which not only keeps the kitchen clean and comfortable, but also ensures smooth operation, allowing users to enjoy the fun of cooking and life.


▲Stainless steel kitchen - steel-wood combination series

Carcass: 304 stainless steel + Cretan olive

Door Panel: Crab Shell Gold

Countertop: Sintered Stone - Lauren Black Gold


▲Stainless steel kitchen - steel-wood combination series

Carcass: 304 stainless steel + Cretan olive

Door panel: Rock gray (stainless steel) + night gold

Countertop: 304 Stainless Steel + Lauren Black Gold


Base cabinet storage area

The base cabinet is mainly used to place dishes, pots, washing supplies and other articles with high frequency and heavy weight. Through the combination of various pull-out baskets and drawers, let storage becomes systematic and classified to enhance the functionality of the base cabinet space and improve the utilization rate.


Large-capacity pot basket/bowl basket

• Professional pot and bowl storage: Solve the common storage problem of tableware and pot;

• Classic design: simple lines, stylish appearance and innovative inner modular design;

• Powerful function: the design of the drain pan can keep the dishes dry in the kitchen cabinet, and will not wet the kitchen;

• Easy to clean: All parts can be easily removed from the bowl rack for cleaning, and plastic parts can be put into the dishwasher for cleaning;

• Durable: Not easy to rust, passed 96- hour salt spray test, PP material is durable.



Blum Seasoning Drawer

The whole set of products is composed of Blum drawers and corresponding high and low drawer separators. The small separators solve the storage problem of different heights of seasoning bottles and make the kitchen orderly.


Corner cabinet storage area

The corner cabinet mainly exists in the L-type kitchen cabinet, which has a large depth and is inconvenient to take the items. The corner pul-out basket, which can effectively improve the convenience of accessing items and make full use of the corner space.


Wall storage area

The wall storage area, between the base cabinet and the wall cabinet, can be an ideal area for storing light-weight cooking utensils such as spoons and knives through the application of wall hanging accessories. It can not only keep the utensils tidy but also facilitate daily use.


Kitchen Hanging Combination

• Original built-in design, the strips are integrated with the wall, and there is no need to open holes in the wall to fix it, which ensures the integrity of the kitchen;

• Five types of storage products to meet the storage need of countertop space in the kitchen;

• Nano electroplating process, no need to worry about rust, easy to clean, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, durable;

• Easy installation and disassembly, and can be moved to every corner with the hanging rod.


Metal shelf with light

The minimalist design of metal elements shows the pursuit of modernity.


Ultra-thin countertop cabinet

The overall frame is made of aluminium alloy material, and the surface is treated with black oxidation. It can be matched with back panels of different colors. There is hidden light on the shelf, making the overall cabinet more generous, transparent and beautiful.


With innovation and ingenuity, the designer designs a display cabinet with a whole wall. The black aluminum alloy is matched with luminous soft films, which is full of futuristic tones. With the gorgeous crab shell gold, it reflects the low-key luxury life.



Wall cabinet storage area

The wall cabinet space is generally used for the storage of dry goods, coarse cereals, storage boxes and other items with relatively low frequency and lightweight. The main pain point is the inconvenience of taking items. The access flexibility can be effectively improved by matching with the pull-down basket.


Lifting basket

• Thickened non-slip handle, feel more comfortable;

• According to the weight of the items, the pull-down force and rebound force can be adjusted;

• Divide the wall cabinet into two floors to improve space utilization.


Medium and high cabinet storage area

The application forms of medium and high cabinets are rich and varied, including electrical cabinets, storage cabinets, etc. The storage products such as high cabinet rotating baskets and linked pull-out baskets can effectively improve the space utilization of high cabinets and solve problems like difficulty in taking items at the top of high cabinets.

Linked basket

• Linkage system design: The powerful linkage system allows you to open the door and take out all the items on different layers, and various items are displayed without reservation.

• Humanized installation: For cabinets with different heights, installation troubles caused by non-standard cabinet heights can be solved through the lifting function of the hanging rod.


Flat basket

• The great surface treatment, with various functional accessories, makes it perfect cabinet storage, and the minimalist design can adapt to various scenes.

• The overall design of the product is simple, without any exposed screws and mounting holes.

• Combined with modular functional accessories, it is easier to clean the kitchen.


Smart rotating basket

• Reasonably divide the upper space of the high cabinet, and the height of each tray is adjustable;

• Each layer of the tray can be rotated 360°independently, easy to pick and place items;

• Each layer of the tray can bear 20kg.



Space capsule

• Linkage structure, tightly locked with the door panel. The opening and closing of the door panel can drive the basket to slide smoothly;

• 155° wide-angle opening, large field of view, unobstructed three sides, and easy access to objects;

• The height of the basket can be flexibly adjusted according to the height requirements of placing different items;

• Smooth slides, hidden at the bottom of the basket, provide precise braking and strong load-bearing.



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