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New Chinese Furniture: Expression of Oriental Aesthetics

In recent years, the style of new Chinese furniture has become a high-frequency word in the furniture market, and it frequently appeared in various household magazines and media. It cannot be denied that we are deeply attached to oriental aesthetics. The new Chinese style inherits the cultural heritage of the traditional Chinese style, and integrates modern aesthetics into it as well, which presents the unforgettable aesthetic charm of implicit and restrained to people.

The decoration style of high-end new Chinese furniture can meet everyone's aesthetics. The new Chinese furniture style learns from the past but does not copy and paste the past. It uses a comfortable atmosphere to let people who pursue quality life achieve their pleasing dreams. The following principles introduce how to make beautiful new Chinese furniture.

1. Symmetry aesthetic of new Chinese furniture

Symmetry has always been indispensable in the Oriental aesthetic system since ancient times. Symmetrical philosophy contains the Confucian unity and the Taoist balance of yin and yang. All existences are in a simple and elegant artistic conception, reflecting pure beauty and elegance. From the spatial layout to the placement of Chinese style furniture, the symmetry aesthetic of the new Chinese style concerns the square principle. It is visually orderly and comfortable, which can create an extreme sense of comfort.

2. The blank space of new Chinese furniture

Blank space is one of the most important elements in the art form of Chinese painting. It can reflect the virtual reality of life and there is also a wonderful artistic effect in the blank space. The artistic conception of blank space is transformed into space decoration, which takes blank as the carrier to render beautiful artistic conception. The interconnectivity of artistic beauty makes the blank space in line with the concept of "less is more" in modern design. There is less decoration but more meaningful blank space.

In traditional Chinese culture, it is believed that over-developed things will transform in the opposite direction. Therefore, blank space makes the whole space more ethereal and full of daydreaming space. The blank space can sublimate into art, which has a more beautiful artistic conception.

3. The flexibility of new Chinese furniture

Simple and smooth lines are not only synonymous with the new Chinese style, but also mean beauty, harmony and uniqueness.

Clean lines and smooth shapes allow the new Chinese style between classical and modern. Designers who find a perfect balance can usually outline a modern oriental life scene with concise lines, which shows the natural lines and rhythm as well as the natural flow of space aesthetics. Most of the high-end and simple new Chinese furniture home styles are clean and neat with delicate and elegant lines that are integrated into the form of transformation.

4. The elegant color and luster of new Chinese furniture

The new Chinese style is much more low-key than the traditional Chinese style that prefers colors with high saturation. Zen white, grey, black and log are the main background colors, and the light and neutral colors can outline the artistic conception of ink painting. Cyan, red, emerald and chalchite have more oriental aesthetic charm. Compared with the popular Morandi colors in the past two years, the elegant and decent color matching of the new Chinese furniture style is also good. It is natural and gives people a special sense of beauty.

5. The collocation in new Chinese furniture concerns

The new Chinese style concerns collocation. Both the choice of new Chinese furniture and the placement of accessories show elegant temperament. It aims to achieve harmony and unity of visual perception. What is more, it can reflect the connotation and deep meaning of culture.


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