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New Chinese Style Cabinets Design | Appropriate Combination of Chinese and Western

As a member of home furniture, the decoration and design of the cabinet should be in harmony with the overall style of the house, and it should also reflect the user's personality and taste. Therefore, manufacturers are gradually carrying out diversified designs to meet the needs of different consumers. Among them, the new Chinese style cabinets that combine Eastern culture and Western aesthetics are popular in the market. Therefore, how to design new Chinese style cabinets? In order to avoid the inappropriate combination of Chinese and Western styles, next, we will introduce the new Chinese style cabinets design to you.

1. The design concept of new Chinese style cabinets

What is the "new Chinese style"? Many people may not familiar with this style. The new Chinese style is neither a simplification of classical Chinese style nor a simple superposition of Chinese elements. However, it is the essence and connotation excavated from the depths of traditional Chinese culture. Therefore, when designing new Chinese style furniture, it is necessary to carefully study traditional Chinese furniture to avoid furniture with an inappropriate combination of Chinese and Western styles.

Appropriate, reasonable and meaningful new Chinese style cabinets should have new concepts and new fashion elements based on traditional cabinet styles.

2. New Chinese style cabinets concern complementarity

Nowadays, people will mistakenly think that being unconventional is innovation. Therefore, there are a lot of awkward combinations, and it is difficult to say how long will they exist. Both traditional cabinets and new Chinese style cabinets should have the aesthetic taste and cultural connotation of traditional furniture, and even provide insights for international design. An excellent product may be obtained through the two complementarities.

In fact, it is not difficult to find that there is no fundamental conflict and contradiction between traditional cabinets and new Chinese style cabinets. Although the development of the traditional furniture industry has a family-style and extensive style while the new Chinese style furniture industry focuses on design and sales, the difference in channels can not be included in the design.

With modern consumers is being younger and the increasing pursuit of fashion in modern society, traditional furniture is obviously can not meet people's needs. The new Chinese style furniture can bring fresh blood to the furniture industry, which can also play a role in visual adjustment when matched with traditional furniture. Besides, it also cures consumers of the aesthetic fatigue of purchasing.


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