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A balcony, as small as it might be, is a refreshing space that connects your home to the outdoors. Whether it's to sip a cool drink and enjoy the starlit summer night sky, to breathe in the scent of flowers in spring, or to catch some winter sun, a balcony brings you closer to nature.

Do balconies add value?

The balcony is an outdoor extension of the indoor space. It can be used to dry clothes, store sundries, plant plants, etc. It is an area with the best air and light in the home. In fact, the small balcony design can not only satisfy these simple functions. Through careful modern balcony design and transformation, the balcony can be an outdoor small living room, a romantic restaurant, or your exclusive front balcony design house.

Tips on home balcony design

·Taking into account the particularity of the balcony space, we should choose durable furniture as much as possible in terms of the home balcony design. It is best to withstand the sun and rain forest furniture.

·The balcony space is usually small. Therefore, it is not recommended to use oversized furniture to take up too much space in home balcony decoration. It is best to use folding furniture, such as a small table and chair.

·In addition, it is not recommended to place too much furniture to avoid overcrowding and loss of necessary space for activities in balcony furniture design. 

·As one of the perfect balcony decoration ideas, people who like a romantic atmosphere can also put a swing on the balcony to enjoy a quiet and beautiful time in their leisure time.

What are good balcony garden ideas?

The balcony is a small window for us to connect with the outside world. We can grow flowers to make a perfect balcony garden. The following are the four aspects in terms of good balcony garden ideas.

·Scientific safety 

The most important thing in the construction of balcony decoration ideas with plants is to pay attention to science and safety because our terraces are generally on the roof. The balcony garden design needs to consider the load-bearing structure of the house and the waterproof structure of the roof to ensure the scientific rationality of the entire balcony garden design.

·Exquisite and beautiful scene

To think of more terrace garden ideas, the layout of the surroundings must be carefully considered. Attention must be paid to a unique garden style.

·Systematic layout

Good balcony garden ideas must have an aesthetic concept, imitate nature, and use plants for landscaping. The types of plants should be as rich as possible. You can also choose some easy-to-plant jobs and strong pollution-resistant plants.

Features of modern balcony 

1. The simple balcony design is basically decorated by geometric lines and the color is bright. The facade of the home balcony decoration is simple and smooth. It is unique to use different color block ribbons for balcony interior design.

2. The modern balcony design reflects the characteristics of the times. Everything pays attention to the proportion of the shape. The spatial structure diagram of the best balcony design is clear and beautiful. The modern balcony design emphasizes the bright and concise appearance which is shown the vigorous life.

3. Indoor walls, floors, ceilings, and furnishings are simple in shape with fine texture and craftsmanship in the new balcony design.

4. The furniture highlights the functional balcony furniture design, which lines are simple and smooth.

5. Accessories with simple lines, unique designs can become a part of modern terrace balcony design for home decoration.

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