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Children's Room Door

Kids are a very good creation of God. They are innocent and playful. To provide a better environment for your kids, you should select your children room door wisely and it will be a great idea if you can design a children room door that is in accordance with your children's own ideas.

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    Kids Room Door
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    Kids Bedroom Door
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Holike Children's Room Door

Materials of Holike Children's Room Door

Different finish options are available, flat panel, 5mm MDF layer, base material use bridge hole mechanics board.

The Features of Holike Children's Room Door

  • Sound insulation and warmth.

  • German technology, German craftsmanship.

  • Dust-free installation, simple maintenance.

  • Kinds of the hinge from DTC and Blum with standing 24hrs of the salt test. Cycling time: over 100000 times

Kids Room Door Selecting Tips

  • Keep the design of your children's room door in line with your kids' taste.

  • Baby-proof the children's room door.

  • Matching up the style of your children's room door with the rest of the furniture, for example, choose a beige door to match the beige background.

As For Your Kids, Which Doors Are Best For Bedroom?

Good sound insulation

Good sound insulation is the most important factor of children's room door. Conventional wooden doors without glass can provide perfect sound insulation.


When choosing a door for a children's room, safety is one of the main issues. Models made of environmentally friendly materials are the best choice. Make sure they do not contain parts or components that could harm the kids.


It is not recommended to install glass doors in children's rooms. Because they may pose potential risks to children's health. It is better to choose the kids room door with the thickest shatter-resistant glass.

Additional safety rules

Avoid buying doors with chemical varnish for kids.

When installing a door for a children's room, please choose a model that opens outwards that Children can open it easily.

Avoid putting accessories and hands-on children's heads.

Children Room Door Signs 

Children room doors should be designed according to their choice. If it's a girl, she would love pinks or purples and if it's a boy, he would prefer blues and oranges. According to their preferences, the themes of the kids room door will be designed.

Kids love to see their names on show, thus, you can make their day with unique children's room door signs and plaques for a touch of fun and creativity. They’re perfect for hanging on their bedroom door and come in a number of styles to suit their personality. You can choose its style from hand painted wooden door plaques to aluminium metal street signs.

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