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Children's Room

Kids have very specific visions of how they want to decorate their bedrooms, and those children’s bedroom ideas are also often inspired by fairy tale backdrops. Holike make it happen.

kids room paint ideas

The matching of colors has a great influence on children's growth. It can affect children's mood, feelings, character and creative inspiration. In the color selection of children’s room furniture, it must conform to the aesthetic principles of color.

·In the color coordination of children's room furniture sets, it is best to choose bright, light, and happy colors. Thus the effect of distinguishing areas with different functions is also very good. 

·For children with weak or too introverted personality, it is recommended to use contrasting colors in children's room furniture selection to achieve the effect of stimulating neurodevelopment. 

·For children with too impatient personality, light and elegant colors of children’s room furniture should be used to help shape a healthy attitude.

Children’s Bedroom Storage Ideas  

Many parents have the same trouble which their kids leave behind a bunch of messy toys after playing the toys. So how can we store the bedroom?

·Install the cabinet to store items as one of the kid room ideas

Installing a row of flat cabinets on the wall of the room not only saves space, but also contains potted plants, books, and cute crates, which is very practical. 

·Put a stool in the corner as children’s room furniture

Putting a stool in the corner seems to be ordinary, but it has two functions in children’s bedroom layout. When you put a cushion on it, it can become a soft and comfortable seat. When you take the cushion on it and put on a small stool, it also becomes a small table for children to play.

·Arrange a powerful desk as children’s bedroom interior design

A desk with powerful functions is indispensable in children's room design. Three large-capacity drawers can store many things in it. When you don’t need a computer, you can put the laptop on the skateboard under the countertop.

  • Children's Room Decor Ideas

    Children's Room Decor Ideas

    Let your creativity go wild when it comes to children's room inspiration, they do after all deserve the most beautiful room in the house! Children’s bedroom ideas can be a daunting task. Whether you are looking for inspiration or considering a redesign, head to Holike for help.

  • Children's Room Decor Tips

    Children's Room Decor Tips

    • Communicate who lives in the room in terms of kid room ideas

    • Create cozy reading nooks in children's room interior images

    • World maps and letter prints as children's bedroom interior design

    • Muted walls and colorful accessories in kids bedroom design

    • Make room for change and variation as your children's room decoration ideas

    • Select suitable custom kids bedroom furniture sets

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