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Glass Interior Door

Tempered glass combine with wood frame

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Options on room door glass

Different from ordinary doors, glass interior door can close the space and illuminate the interior with natural light. On the one hand, it can play a bright field of vision and expand the role of space presentation, on the other hand, it can create a focus and play a good role in decoration and atmosphere. They provide a good way to spruce up your room. Interior doors with glass come in a variety of styles, and you are sure to find a glass interior door that suits the family style and budget.

When it comes to  room door glass, there are many options. Glass interior door is mainly divided into transparent glass and frosted glass. Each of the two kinds of glass doors has its own advantages. Simple, clear panels provide a good view between rooms. Through the glass interior door looks unimpeded can play a soothing mood, expand the visual space, transparent glass can provide the best natural light. If it feels too dazzling, a semi-glass inner door can be installed to provide a partial view. The dim glass inner door is very suitable for maintaining the privacy between rooms, while allowing the flow of light, which is more suitable for installation in private rooms such as bathrooms or bedrooms. The frosted glass inner door will blur the object on the other side and diffuse the light to create a warm light.

Room glass door material

In addition to transparent or frosted glass, there are glass-inlaid wooden doors, which you can choose white, black, gray or oak glazed interior doors. There are so many options to make your glass interior door a truly personalized and unique home decoration. 

Oak: glazed oak doors have always been a popular choice for homeowners. They are timeless traditional styles, more suitable for most decoration styles, and will not conflict with the existing atmosphere. 

Pine wood: the glass pine door is ideal for any room that requires lightweight, affordable wood, is relatively low, and does not incur additional costs in the subsequent renovation and replacement process. 

Engineering solid: with the appearance of wood, the durability is relatively strong, the possibility of warping or distortion is less, and the sun resistance is very strong. 

Hollow door: light weight, high performance-to-price ratio, hollow glass door easy to install. 

Glass interior door has a wide range of choices, and you can choose from a range of styles to get a traditional or modern look. We all have a large number of glass and color or paint options, if you have any hesitation in the choice, please contact us, we will give professional advice.

Interior double glass french doors overview

If you want to split an open living space in two, but want to retain the sense of space and astigmatism of a single living area, then interior double glass french doors may be an ideal solution, consisting of a pair of open doors, each with huge glass windows. Adding glass to the door allows light to pass through the house, which is still the greatest advantage of this design. 

At first, many of these doors were made of wrought iron, but the materials gradually changed. Modern doors are mainly made of oak and other wood. 

Interior double glass french doors has many different designs and configurations. Although the glass panels of traditional french doors are all the same, the exact shape and style of the glass panels vary greatly from door to door. Some have only one large panel to maximize the passage of light, while others use several smaller partitions, divided vertically or horizontally. 

There are more unusual contemporary designs, with irregularly shaped glass panels placed on each panel. 

Choose the right interior double glass french doors, preferably in line with both your personal taste and other design choices you make for the room your door is destined to occupy. You should also consider the function of the room, just like in some cases, such as with a bathroom or bedroom, you may want a little privacy, as well as the style of the space and the dispersion of indoor light.

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