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Remove all unnecessary and complicated design ideas. Presenting the simplest lifestyle with minimalism concept. Less is more, retain fashion element, practicality, concise and pure design only. Ageing resistant, maintenance-free, Suitable for different wall thicknesses. With our special adjustable frame. Mothproofing, moisture proofing, heat resistant, break resistance firmness. Various designs are embossed by computer, many designs are available at Holike. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Differences between indoor wooden doors

In essence, hardwood doors, also known as engineering wood doors, are made of several pieces of wood and built on a sturdy central core. These types of doors are also called solid doors, and solid wood doors are usually made of a piece of wood and are used to build entire doors or panels.

Both types of doors have great benefits, including durability and insulation, as well as a certain degree of sound insulation. Specific wood has different characteristics, such as interior oak doors, with different colors and styles to choose from. Moreover, hardwood doors may be more affordable than solid wood doors, and solid wood doors are of higher quality.

How to match the wooden inside doors of different room? 

1) the entrance hall and living room doors are mostly fan-type, push-pull type or folding door type, and the style is square format split all-glass door type, this door type is small and convenient to occupy space, and has the characteristics of simplicity, lightness, transparent brightness and so on. 

2) the bedroom door should choose the all-solid wood door type with warm and natural, elegant lines, this kind of door gives the owner with quiet, sense of security, or square format, opaque glass Japanese-style door is also more popular and practical; the bedroom door emphasizes privacy more, so most of them use plate doors. 

3) the study door can be transparent, full glass door or half glass door, or art glass such as frosted, cloth pattern, color strip, electric engraving and so on, with the same specifications as the bedroom door. 

4) the kitchen door should choose sandblasting, frosted pattern, semi-transparent half glass door is better, the bathroom door should use a unique full solid wood door, give people privacy and sense of security or use the upper full frosted treatment of semi-glass door, can give people a sense of tranquillity. The door of the storeroom should be a louver door with good air permeability. 

5) balcony doors and balcony doors should use all-glass doors with good lighting and high transparency. When choosing the door type of all kinds of household doors, we should also pay attention to the overall design and coordination of the bedroom.

Internal door design

As a very important embellishment of the whole decoration, the internal door design  plays an important role in the whole house.The tall door leaf is more able to withdraw the atmospheric design, which is the perfect choice for the modern simple style. It can solve the following problems: visually increase the height of the room; reduce the risk of tall people hitting their heads against the bars; and combine the texture of the walls to create a stylish feel. When the door looks like a real work of art, there is no doubt that it will become the most fascinating part of the room. Exquisite lace, oriental cultural elements, fashion eclecticism and bohemian style can be presented on the wooden door. Trend-leading internal door design will also continue to actively use wooden doors as design elements, and there are the following suggestions for wooden door design: decorative 3D carving; natural geometric pattern; matching with wall color. Click here to see more internal door designs: grey laminate internal doorsluxury internal doorsPVC internal doors, black internal doors, etc.

What to consider when buy interior doors?

When you choose a door, a key consideration is thickness, because the thicker it is, the more stable it may be. Not all interior doors are made of solid wood, so be sure to know what you want to buy. With hardwood, check that the texture and color patterns meet your requirements. 

Think about the style of doors and interior and furniture, as well as elements such as stairs and floors, or the matching of any lines. This method is very practical for families with retro decoration styles. Interior doors can create a prominent feature by selecting wood color or texture patterns or colors. If the architecture or interior of your house is modern, flat doors are a good choice, echoing smooth minimalist lines. And before you buy any door, make sure it doesn't crack or warp.

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