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Kitchen Cabinets China

HOLIKE Kitchen could help you to build up a warm dream home. With the most advanced equipment and technology from German or Italy, HOLIKE could produce at least 2500 sets of kitchen cabinets per day. HOLIKE ensures the quality from the source control to the end. Cooperating with the top pest brand such as Schattdecor finish, Rehau edge, Jowat glue, The MDI Adhesive Purchase From USA Huntsman, HOLIKE passed the highest standard CARB&NAF in US and F4 in Japan.

Base on your requirement, HOLIKE would like to offer the most suitable solution of kitchen cabinets with different colors, styles, shapes, sizes, materials. Except for the Kitchen cabinets, HOLIKE are matching with the necessary hardware and other accessories.

HOLIKE cares a lot in each detail in the kitchen we deliver to our client.

Kitchen Cabinet Materials
  • ​S​ide Panel, Shelving, and Bottom Panel
    ​S​ide Panel, Shelving, and Bottom Panel

    E1 grade 18mm thickness NAF approved patical/MDF board with lacquer Wood chips cold pressed by 300 tons/m2 with superior screw holding capacity and load bearing capacity.

  • Back Panel
    Back Panel

    5mm NAF approved MDF.

  • ​E​dge Banding
    ​E​dge Banding

    World-class manufacturing process by HOMAG, Front edge sealed with 1mm thick REHAU PVC, other edges with 0.6Mm REHAU PVC.

  • Hinge

    Kinds Of hinge from DTC and Blum with standing 24hrs of salt test. cycling time: over 100000 times.

  • Countertop

    The quartz content is 90-93% and ranks 6.0 on Mohs Hardness Scale, scratch & impact resistance performance. Highly resistant to stains; Flame retardant, heat resistance(as high as 300°); Superior aging resistance; Nontoxic and no radiation.

Kitchen Cabinet FAQs
  • Q
    What is HPL?

    High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) consist of layers of specially selected kraft and printed papers impregnated with thermosetting synthetic resins and fused together under heat and high pressure in a controlled environment so that the component parts consolidate to form a single high-density sheet of laminate.

  • Q
    What is UV lacquer?

    UV cured lacquer, ie ultraviolet cured lacquer. UV paints are solvent-free and are almost non-volatile. They are 100% solid basis. i.e., the complete liquid converts into a solid film. UV coating fabric stays liquid unless exposed to UV light.

  • Q
    What's The Benefits of UV Cured Process?
    • Efficient production: UV Coaters allow instant drying which does not add too much extra time for production.

    • Glossy UV coating gives a sleek feel and adds extra contrast and shine to darker colors giving images a more vivid appearance.

    • No VOCs(Volatile organic compounds ) emission during production, so it is outstanding Eco-friendly.

  • Q
    What Is The Difference Between And PVC Pressed Pp Or PVC Wrap?

    For those separated frame&core structure door style, since door frame is narrow, generally PVC vacuum machine can not press PVC on its surface. However, this tough job can be handled by a wrapping machine. Wrapping machine can wrap the frame easily. Moreover, the PVC or PP fed to wrapping machine is generally thiner than PVC.

  • Q
    Is There Any MOQ?

    At least 10 pcs.

  • Q
    How To Start?

    Pls contact us and send your drawings, then we would help you to do a solution.

  • Q
    What's The Lead Time?

    Generally 30-49 days, the specific depends on the material, the quantity and the seasons.

  • Q
    How To Ship The Goods?

    Pre-assemble of Non-assemble is optional. Mostly, the orders to the USA, Europe or Australia will be shipped on a pallet pre-assembly. For other areas, generally non-assemble. Depends on the specific requirement of yours.

  • Q
    How To Install The Kitchen?
    • HOLIKE's installation team from Headquarter, China.

    • HOLIKE's overseas installation co-partners in local.

    • DIY Guide: HOLIKE's supports online guidance or job site's instruction by HOLIKE's supervisor.

    • 5-year quality guarantee for carcase&door panel, 1 year for countertop & accessories.

  • Q
    How To Clean And Maintain The Kitchen Cabinet?
    • Avoid the water on the countertop from flowing down and soaking into the door panel.

    • If the door hinges and handles are loose and abnormal, they should be adjusted in time or notify the manufacturer for maintenance.

    • Solid wood door panels can be cleaned and maintained with furniture water wax. The crystal door can be wiped with a flannel cloth dipped in warm water or neutral detergent.

    • The load-bearing capacity of the upper cabinet is generally not the same as that of the lower cabinet, so light items are suitable for the upper cabinet, and heavy objects are best placed in the lower cabinet.

    • The utensils put in the cabinet should be cleaned before putting them in. Pay special attention to drying the utensils.

    • Wipe the hardware in the cabinet with a dry cloth to prevent watermarks from being left on the surface.

    • The sink of the cooking table can be covered with filaments in advance to prevent the water pipe from being blocked by vegetable scraps and small residues.

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