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Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

Lacquered kitchen cabinets are like a newly painted car parked in your kitchen-bright, shiny and rich in color. Lacquer cabinets are manufactured by a process of applying numerous coats of lacquer, followed by polishing and waxing. If done properly, lacquer finishes can be durable and scratch-resistant. All of our Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet are sprayed with 3 priming lacquer and 2 finishing lacquer at least. Control the quality from the board cutting up, priming paint, surface paint, polishing, high-temperature baking.

  • Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets
    Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets
  • Lacquered Glass Kitchen Cabinets
    Lacquered Glass Kitchen Cabinets
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    Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets Cost

Holike Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet

Is lacquer good for kitchen cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets are commonly used to provide available space for cooking, baking, and varieties of other activities. There are many finishes that you can take into consideration for the kitchen cabinet, but a lacquer finish may be the most popular one.

Holike lacquer kitchen cabinets can provide a way to achieve an adequate finish with moderate durability so that your kitchen can achieve an immediate sparkle. Lacquer paint may need several coats to get the right finish, but once it is complete, it looks smooth and seamless on furniture and cabinets in the kitchen. Unlike other paints, lacquer reactivates each coat underneath it to allow for a smooth, level finish, even if you apply multiple coats.

Advantages of  Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

  • Lacquer kitchen cabinets durability

    Comparing lacquer kitchen cabinets with varnish, shellac, and polyurethane, you will find that it lasts longer than others. With lacquer kitchen cabinets, it penetrates deeper into your kitchen cabinets to create a durable surface. The seal protects the wood from the inside-out instead of creating a hard topcoat that eventually degrades.

  • Re-coating is a possibility

    If you find your lacquer kitchen cabinets become yellow or faded, you can apply a new coat or two of finish to preserve their appearance. If you re-coat an older finish instead, then any damaged places or scratches will create a gray color that you will lock into the new surface.

  • Dries quickly to create a usable product

    Another important advantage is that lacquer provides for kitchen cabinets dries very quickly. If you use this product at room temperature, then it can dry in 15 minutes at the fastest. You can get the first coat applied and sand it, and then you can spray up to two more coats in just an hour.

How to refinish lacquer kitchen cabinets?

  • Clean the surfaces

    Before you do any refinishing, starting this project by thoroughly scrubbing your kitchen cabinetry. To do this, carefully remove the cabinetry from the walls, clean them off, and give the wood time to dry completely.

  • Protect yourself and the rest of the kitchen

    Spread drop cloths on the countertop, and use them to cover the appliances and floors.

  • Strip and refinish your cabinets

    Firstly, make sure that your workspace is in a well-ventilated area, and preferably outside. And then, use the proper stripping agent to strip the old finish and use a wood filler to repair any holes or scratches in the wood, and then lightly sand out the patch once it dries. Finally, refinish the cabinets with your new lacquer finishes.

Acrylic vs Lacquer Kitchen Cabinets

The high gloss finish has been becoming popular in recent years and also becoming a trend in kitchen decoration.

Lacquer is a good material for high-gloss finishes because it's easy to work with and can ensure a uniform sheen. Acrylic is also another option for high gloss cabinets.

For lacquer kitchen cabinets, the lacquer finish is extremely attractive because of its sleek, clean, and modern sensibility. Compared with lacquer, and acrylic kitchen cabinet can be also elegant and functional, while it looks more transparent, although it could also present a good mirror image. And the cost of acrylic kitchen cabinets will be higher than lacquer kitchen cabinets. They can both provide different kinds and colors of kitchen cabinets.

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