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Living Room Door

Need a little help with ideas for living room doors, take a sneak peak and discover our favourite doors and our latest door creations.

  • White Living Room Doors
    White Living Room Doors
  • Living Room Doors Supplied And Fitted
    Living Room Doors Supplied And Fitted
  • Living Room Door
    Living Room Door

Holike Living Room Door

Living room door designs

Choosing the best living room door for your house is not that easy, particularly when you have many varieties to choose from. Before choosing the right interior living room doors for your home, we are able to provide the best solutions for your choices.

Holike have different kinds of living room door ideas that can customize for you as well, which includes dividing, partition, french, sliding, folding, bi-fold, glass and wooden doors, while the choices for finishes include oak, walnut, white and the popular modern colors and so on.

Living room doors supplied and fitted

With sufficient experience in supplying and fitting living room doors all over the world, Holike has high quality living room doors for sale as well as professional and all-around service.

We are capable to supply and fit sitting room doors of all shapes and sizes and if you need, we can supply and fit specially made doors to meet your personal requirements. We also supply and fit door frames, casings and linings and a wide range of contemporary and traditional internal door and door fittings and fixtures such as internal door knobs, handles, hinges, door stops, draught excluders, locks and security chains etc.

Standard living room door size 

In terms of the living room door size, it is determined by many factors. However, if we consider its standard size, the width of the door can be widely designed between 24 inches, 28 inches and up to 32 inches.

Generally, the height of the door is 80 inches, which allows a person with a tall height can enter it easily. But, decorating isnt bound to any hard and fast rules.

Even though you choose a living room door that is a little bit different in standard dimensions that will work fine too. The width of the door is also dependant upon the amount of available space.

A home with small rooms will not look good with a sitting room door that is 32 inches in width. But if you are still inclined towards choosing a broader living room door even in a small house, then you can choose a sliding door.

Living room door color 

Doors play a significant role in getting your guest’s first attention. Therefore, decorating it is as important as decorating the walls. Painting an ideal color for the living room doors can make your home look more perfect. Here are some colour combinations hand-picked by experts that can make your home look incredible.

Door colour

Wall colour

Blue (tropical theme)

White, grey, yellow, purple, red, pink, green, marine colours and orange.


White, yellow, black, grey and pastel shades.


White, black, blue, pink, brown, orange, green and grey.


White, black, grey, marine colours and pastel shades.


Black, brown, white, yellow, orange, light shades of green and red.


All colours and shades.


White, grey, muted purple, pink, yellow and green.

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