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Living Room

There is nothing like crafting a warm living room that is suitable for enjoying family time and entertaining loved ones. Living room design lays a solid foundation on the whole house beauty.  You can stay home delight in leisure time if perfect living room decor ideas are blend into your house.

Types of Living Room Style

You may spend a lot of time in your living room. Therefore it not only looks great, but also needs to be functional and comfortable. Here are some best living room styles to inspire your own living room decor ideas. 

·Traditional living room design

·West coast contemporary living room style

·Cottage living room design

·Mediterranean home decor living room

·Industrial living room decor

Living Room Furniture Layout Ideas

Living room furniture design should pay attention to the functional requirements of individuality. Most people believe that furniture should be comfortable and practical, which is the pursuit of life and art living as one of the living room furniture placement ideas.

·Multiple functions in living room furniture design

Most of the living room furniture are coffee tables, TV cabinets and semi-enclosed sofas, which play the roles of meeting guests and enclosing and reunion in living room furniture design.

·Smooth space of living room furniture layout

The living room furniture decor can break the gap between the living room and other spaces,  making the space smoother. For example, an open kitchen integrates the living room and the kitchen naturally as a perfect living room furniture layout.

·Irregular living room furniture placement ideas

Unconventional living room furniture layout can be used in living room furniture design. For example, the TV is close to the corner of the room, which makes the space layout more interesting.

·Small furniture used in living room furniture decor

As one of the living room decor ideas for small spaces, the furniture should meet the multiple needs of small size and high storage. For example, it is better to use narrower furniture for the TV cabinet as a living room furniture decor. The coffee table in the furniture for small living room can be matched with a small round table.

Living Room Essential List 

The living room is the soul of the entire home. The living room design can reflect the owner's unique taste and life style. In terms of living room design ideas, it is important to choose suitable furniture, appliances, soft furnishings, and daily necessities. 


The choice of sofa in the living room decor is more particular. Consider the style and size of sofa, they are extremely important to your health. Click here to view sofas of Chinese sofa design, and get more information about China furniture sofas!

·TV cabinet

The overall style of the TV cabinet and the home living room designs should match well. The material of the TV cabinet should also be good for heat dissipation. 

·Coffee table

The size of the space is the basis for considering the size and shape of the coffee table in living room furniture design.

·Decorative cabinet

A large-capacity cabinet has a powerful storage function in interior decor ideas for living room. 


According to your own needs, single-group, double-group or three-group bookcase can be available in your living room design ideas.

·floor lamps

Common floor lamp styles include direct-illuminated floor lamps and top-illuminated floor lamps. Which type should be selected according to the living room furniture design style.

  • Living Room Decor Ideas

    Living Room Decor Ideas

    You spend a lot of time in your living room, so it not only needs to look great, but it also needs to be functional and comfortable. Mastering this trifecta can be a design challenge for sure, but we've rounded up the best living room examples to inspire your own decorating projects. From modern and formal spaces to approachable and rustic environments, there's a living room idea you'll want to take home from Holike.

    ·Set the mood with color in home decor living room

    ·Add character with architectural trimwork in living hall decor

    ·Choose stylish, comfortable flooring in living room furniture decor

    ·Create a focal point as one of the interior decor ideas for living room

    ·Arrange custom furniture for conversation in living room furniture decor

    ·Plan for inviting lighting as one of the living room decor ideas

    ·Accessorize with art and collections in living room decor

  • Living Room Decor Tips

    Living Room Decor Tips

    • Set the mood with color

    • Add character with architectural trimwork

    • Choose stylish, comfortable flooring

    • Create a focal point

    • Arrange custom furniture for conversation

    • Plan for inviting lighting

    • Accessorize with art and collections

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