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Luxury Modern Interior Door

Holike offers a great variety of different modern luxury interior doors with consistently high-quality. Aiming to provide you with the best products, we want to give the best solutions for your luxury modern doors selection. 

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Why choose luxury modern doors for homes?

Both the function and beauty are essential to a door because it blends the internal and external environment and leaves the first impression on the space you enter. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size, and then choose the style and material that suits your unique home decoration.

Tips on choosing luxury modern doors

1.decoration. When the actual owner buys the indoor door, the factor accounts for a very large proportion. Wood belongs to the facade space of interior decoration, and the collocation with furniture and wall materials is very important, and the decoration is also reflected here. 

2.Environmental protection. This is the conscience of the enterprise. In the ecological door is a new product, at present, there are not too many on the market, its main materials are titanium magnesium alloy and surface treatment of melamine materials, with strong environmental protection products. 

3.whether it will deform when it is used for a long time, which is reflected in two aspects: first, the quality of the wooden door itself is mainly determined by the quality of the filling material and the difference in the way of construction. The second aspect is installation and hardware, installation techniques and hardware have a great impact on the service life of indoor doors, improper installation, poor use of hardware, will lead to deformation, opening and closing is not smooth.

Types of high end interior doors

The market recognition of the wooden door is relatively high, and the high-quality wooden door is sturdy, beautiful, sound-proof and portable, which is very suitable for doing indoor doors. High-end indoor doors are mainly divided into three materials. 

1. Solid wood door. Log is the main material, after drying, and then blanking, polishing, tenon, punching and other processing is made of solid wood door, the main varieties are walnut, Fraxinus mandshurica and so on. Most of them are spliced into door core by several log boards, and the frame, door cover and other parts are all solid wood without any fillers. 

2. Solid wood composite door. The overall structure of the solid wood composite door is made of solid wood, with solid wood strips or glue in the middle, and veneer or paper on both sides, as the embellishment of the style, the effect looks almost the same as that of the solid wood door. The sound insulation effect of the solid wood composite door is very good, the performance is more stable than the pure solid wood door, and the price is lower than the pure solid wood door. It is also one of the most commonly used indoor doors. 

3. Molded door. The molded door is the lowest grade in the wooden door, the lowest price and the lightest weight. Because the core material of the molded door is the density board, so the cost is low, the force is poor, the sound insulation effect is not good, the advantage is that the price is really cheap.

Modern luxury doors overview

If you are looking for luxury interior doors or any other quality door for your home, but you do not want to pay too much for this privilege, Holike will be your best choice. Our goal is to produce high-quality luxury doors, stylish, while minimizing our costs, and then we pass on the cost savings to our customers, we can provide both practical and attractive luxury doors, if you are looking for modern luxury doors, our compound doors and PVC doors are good choices. All the materials used in the construction of our luxury doors are of the highest specification, and all glass luxury doors are equipped with tempered glass, because the safety of you and your family is very important to us.

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