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Melamine Polish Interior Door

The melamine finish is similar to the plastic laminate on countertops, but the melamine polish is not as thick as the plastic laminate. The advantages of polish interior melamine door are its durable finish and its relatively low cost.

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How to Apply Melamine Polish on Wood?

Normally, to apply melamine polish onto your interior doors, the following 6 steps have to be conducted.

  • Sanding the Surface: Sanding is normally the first step of applying melamine polish on wood. This process can provide a smooth finish to the rough surface of the wood.

  • Filling: Filling will then be applied to the small holes and delicate joints of wooden doors.

  • Sand Sealing Again: After the filling is done, sanding will be conducted again and sealer will be applied onto the wooden surface so as to get a much smoother surface. 

  • Coloring: The coloring will then be conducted in accordance with the demands of the customers.

  • Melamine Door Polish Coating: After the resin and catalyst, which are the two main components of melamine polish, are well-mixed, melamine polish will be eventually applied onto the wooden surface with spray guns. 

  • Final Finishing and Coating: The last step will be done after the melamine polish coating is dried up and the final finishing will promote the smoothness of the wooden furniture to another level. 

How to Apply Melamine Polish on Wood

Benefits of Applying Melamine Polish

  • Better protection for interior doors

  • Stain/Water/Heat resistance

  • Providing more glossy surface for your wooden furniture

What is polish interior melamine door?

Polish interior melamine door is made of a multi-functional material with a highly stable structure, which is composed of a thin resin that forms a thin coating on the surface of wood. Melamine polish is a closed-hole polishing agent that effectively insulates wood from air and protects wood from the hot and cold surfaces placed on it. Melamine polish will dry up in 20 minutes. Polish interior melamine door lasts much longer than standard French polishing and provides good glass retention to keep your door shiny for years to come. At the same time, polish interior melamine door is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and high-temperature resistant, which protects the door from daily wear from the inside. And, melamine polish has a matte effect, no luster, because the glossy surface lost the natural charm of decorative veneer, not in line with the aesthetic of most people.

Tips for painting melamine door

Although laminate and melamine are commonly used, these plastic materials are easy to wear. 

So, you can resurface the laminate or melamine with high-quality paint, which can extend the life of the door. For wood, exposing the texture is essential to the adhesion of the paint. Laminates and melamine are designed to prevent kitchen spills such as food, oil and water, so they naturally repel paint. 

Some painting melamine doors need a primer before brushing, while others can be used without a primer, you need to choose a suitable paint, and. Surface treatment should be done so that the paint can stick together for a long time. You need to use a slight sanding or liquid decolorizer to decolorize and roughen the plastic surface of the laminate and melamine. 

Security considerations. You can use cloth or paper to protect the work area, floor and furniture. In addition, because the fine dust particles produced by polishing plastic can be dangerous for inhalation. Tape the work area with plastic sheeting and open windows, and use fans to ventilate paint fumes.

Technical features of melamine doors

Technically, melamine is a hot-melted, resin-saturated paper coating, which sticks to cardboard or MDF cores and is the most widely used product on doors. Melamine doors are decorative paper made of moisture-proof medium density fibreboard or particleboard with a variety of surface options such as matte, texture and gloss, as well as a wide range of colors and patterns. Melamine doors are available only in square edge outlines. 

Melamine doors board can only have a flat surface. It is impossible to guide any design or profile. Medium density fibreboard and cardboard. Melamine resin is applied directly to the surface of cardboard or fibreboard. Because the resin fuses the paper with the wood instead of glue, which works at low pressure and high temperature.

FAQs of Melamine Polish Interior Doors

  • Q
    What Is Melamine Polish?

    Capable of getting dried within 20 mins, melamine polish is a kind of pore polish that can make materials like wood become more glossy and protect the materials from dirt.

  • Q
    Is Melamine Wood Waterproof?

    The wood with melamine polish is indeed waterproof and the coating can make the wood become easier to get cleaned.

  • Q
    What Is The Difference Between Melamine Polish And PU Polish?

    Though both melamine polish and PU polish can provide the wooden boards with a glossy appearance, the melamine polish is more economical compared to the PU polish. Moreover, the Melamine polish is more suitable for interior applications.

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