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Multifunctional Room

The multifunctional room is an important room in your home and it is important to make it as efficient and functional as possible. Holike provides multifunctional room design for customers.

Guest multifunctional room design

Create a tatami room that can be used as a family recreation area during the week or as a guest room when guests come.

tatami placing tips of multifunctional room design

  • The tatami lift should be connected to the power supply, and the plumbing and electrical renovation should be planned clearly.

  • Choose a lift-up tatami. Do not choose a whole piece of matting, as it is not easy to hold and place.

  • The height of the tatami is recommended to be about 42cm.

Description of multifunctional room design

What I like most is to have a thoughtfully designed multi-functional area in my home: for reading, gathering, and tea, which can be used as a bedroom as well as a place for relaxation, making a space full of endless possibilities!

Guest and study multifunctional room design

If you want to choose a multifunctional area, in addition to focusing on comfort, you should also consider its practicality. Such a design not only meets the drawbacks of the lack of space in the home, but also alleviates the problem of a small area resulting in a functional area that cannot be used.

Smart use of space storage in multifunctional room design

If you do not want to use a room alone as a guest bedroom, then you can consider designing a tatami room, because this design style is versatile and can meet different household types, and it also allows every inch of the home to fully play the role of storage.

The cabinet adds folding doors or curtains in the corners of the room, which can bring a wide view in the field of vision and also produce a separate area, equivalent to an extra room.

Principle of multifuntional room design

Multifunctional room, as the name implies, is a multi-purpose room, which can be a bedroom, a study, a storage room, and a leisure room. The overall planning of space is reasonable and the layout is flexible and versatile, which is the first choice to save a small house!

The simple creation of a resting area with tatami mats also solves the problem of resting for temporary visitors; the storage capacity of the hanging closet cannot be underestimated and greatly relieves the storage pressure of other spaces.

The wall-mounted desk tailored to the space is of reasonable size and does not hinder the opening and closing of the door, which can be used for study and also dress up the space, adding to the value of the multifunctional room.

The multifuntional room design needs to comply with the principle of maximum space utilization, easy to take and put.

  • Multifunctional Room Decor Ideas

    Multifunctional Room Decor Ideas

    When your living room is a space in which you need to do different daily activities, or in other words, when it's multifunctional, flexibility and functionality are essential. See how this can be done if you know what you're doing.

  • Multifuntional Room Design Decor Tips

    Multifuntional Room Design Decor Tips

    • Integrate a sofa bed into a small living room

    • Arrange the space around the bed to make it comfortable and to store things

    • Create a dining area

    • TV series and films  area

    • Setting up an office in room

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