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PVC Kitchen Cabinet

PVC laminates are multi-layered, pre-processed laminate sheets based on polyvinyl chloride, made by pressing together a paper with plastic resins. Available in matte or glossy finishes, PVC laminates are thin and can be bent without breaking. As one of the professional furniture manufacturers in China, Holike can provide you with high-quality PVC laminate cabinets for sale at reasonable prices. Feel free to contact us now!

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Holike PVC Kitchen Cabinet

What is PVC Laminate?

PVC laminate is made of polyvinyl chloride resin and auxiliary materials such as stabilizers, and then calendered and laminated. It is widely used in furniture of residential, commercial, and industrial areas to decorate and protect furniture. PVC laminate kitchen cabinets have high-quality corrosion resistance, insulation, temperature resistance, and impact resistance, high strength, and convenient secondary processing. PVC laminate can be sawed, drilled, planed, and is widely used in chemical, fertilizer, construction, electroplating, environmental protection, water purification, and other departments as acid and corrosion resistant structural materials. The appearance of the PVC laminate kitchen cabinets is smooth and flat, with no bubbles, no cracks.

PVC laminate kitchen cabinets Design

The market chooses two types of PVC board kitchen cabinets for the kitchen, i.e. hollow panels or what is known as foam. The difference is obvious, as the name implies, PVC board kitchen cabinets made by the first materials is hollow inside, and therefore lightweight and economical. While the PVC foam boards are thicker which makes them more stable than the hollow panels.

As a professional PVC kitchen cabinets manufacturer, we provide plenty kinds of PVC board kitchen cabinets with various designs. We can offer our different solutions for you or make the design as your requests as well as save your PVC kitchen cabinets cost.

PVC Laminate Kitchen Cabinets Pros and Cons



P VC laminate kitchen cabinets are economical and cheap. The price of PVC hollown board is lower than PVC foam board. However, the strength of the PVC hollow board is insufficient, and pvc board kitchen cabinets are only suitable for kitchen cabinets in the short term.

Easy to install:

The PVC laminate kitchen cabinets for sale have a variety of colors and can be directly installed on the board without any other fixation. These ready-made boards are lightweight and easy to install in the kitchen. You don’t even have to worry about extra laminations or designs that fit them.

Easy to clean:

Considering that the material is plastic, PVC laminate kitchen cabinets are very easy to clean and will not leave any stains. This means that PVC requires little maintenance.


With PVC, you don't have to worry about termites, wood borers, and other insects destroying your cabinets. These materials of PVC laminate kitchen cabinets are termite-free, waterproof, oil-proof, and corrosion-resistant.

Easy to purchase/replace:

PVC materials are easily available in the market, and you can easily replace the PVC laminate kitchen cabinets.


PVC laminate kitchen cabinets are stronger and more durable than other PVC variants. In addition, the PVC material is anti-corrosion, so it has a longer service life and will not cause any major damage.


Low hardware compatibility:

Although PVC panels are easy to install and use, the difficulty lies in their hardware. The screws and hinges used to connect these PVC kitchen cabinets will loosen over time, causing sagging. Therefore, compared with other materials (such as plywood or natural wood), the holding power of the PVC board kitchen cabinets is very weak.

Low fire resistance:

PVC board kitchen cabinets have low thermal resistance and fire resistance. Therefore, you need to be very careful when adding PVC cabinets to the kitchen.

Easy to scratch:

Given that PVC cabinets are plastic cabinets, the material may be scratched or cut overtime, but unfortunately, PVC board kitchen cabinets cannot be covered. You need to make sure not to use any sharp materials directly on the cabinet panels.

Is PVC kitchen cabinets safe?

Is PVC kitchen cabinets safe?

Capable of providing great heat insulation, PVC laminates are quite fire-resistant and are flexible enough to be bent up to 90 degrees around the edges. As a corrosion-resistant material, PVC is considered safe for kitchen cabinets. In addition, the PVC board kitchen cabinets can also provide great heat insulation as they are termite and heat resistant. As a consequence, the PVC laminate kitchen cabinets can greatly ensure the safety of the kitchen area. As a professional home furniture manufacturers in china, Holike offers high-quality products at reasonable PVC kitchen cabinets price. Feel free to contact us at any time!

Detailed Pictures of Holike's PVC Board Kitchen Cabinets

PVC Board Kitchen Cabinets


PVC Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

PVC Foam Board Kitchen Cabinets


PVC Kitchen Cabinets


PVC Board Kitchen Cabinets


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