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Holike provides China furniture sofa to complete your living room with a stylish sofa finished in premium leather or luxury fabric, for exceptional comfort. Besides, as China sofa manufacturers, we could offer a whole Chinese sofa set designs to customers.

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Holike Sofas

Types of China furniture sofa

The advantages of cotton China furniture sofa are comfortable to touch and strong moisture absorption, but poor warmth retention and easy to wrinkle.

Polyester is one of the most common. Polyester China furniture sofa has the advantages of being very wear-resistant and elastic, but its moisture absorption and air permeability are relatively poor.

Cotton fiber China furniture sofa has similar advantages and disadvantages to polyester, but it is more prone to static electricity.

Flannelette China furniture sofa feels more smooth, but it is easy to shed.

Polyester-cotton blend China furniture sofa combines the advantages of cotton and polyester, shrinkage, wear-resisting and air permeability.

How to purchase fabric sofa?

When purchasing fabric sofa, frame, fabrics and fill are the matters that need to pay attention to. Besides these factors, the customers should still need to consider the following tips:

COLOR: when choosing China furniture sofa, it is necessary to accomplish the collocation of color and integral household environment. Partial fabric sofa can use the form of mixing color, which need to notice all the more.

SIZE: before buying sofa, you have to decide where to put it, and decide the putting space. Furthermore, make sure the style and size, such as Chinese sofa design or European sofa design. Avoid to the embarrassing situation that does not have a place to put.

DETAILS: it refers to the choice of high plumpness. Choose a little more scratch resistant. The line should also choose a more neat and presice Chinese sofa set designs.

China furniture sofa overview

Whether it is new house decoration or rental house transformation, the purchase of sofa is an essential part of it. After all, it's not just decorative, but it's practical.

As we know, there are a lot of kinds of Chinese sofa set designs. China furniture sofa is made of solid wood, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. The whole Chinese sofa set designs reflect quietly elegant feeling.

China furniture sofa is divided into Chinese classic style and new Chinese style.

Fabric sofa refers to the material that sofa basically using cloth, cloth of cotton hemp, flannelette. Science and technology material is a few kinds of cloth that is more welcome at present.

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