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Study Room

Study room is a space that should reflect a person's character and individuality. It should be organized, furnished and decorated in a way that allows the user to feel comfortable and productive.

Matters need to know about designing a study room 

If space allows, the desk in the middle of the room must be the most comfortable pattern, the whole family can sit around here to work and study, if you like to write and draw, you can also be open. A corner of the study must create a window or put a comfortable sofa chair, tired when you can play with the phone there, read a book, the most comfortable.

The study is the place where the most light is needed. Natural light is one of the most irreplaceable elements, so the study must be designed to ensure that the light. But not the more sunlight the better, direct sunlight is not only dazzling and harsh, but also not suitable for concentration, so the study in the best set in the house against the north of the region. Now in the study decoration, we often also through the reasonable setting of light to achieve a good reading, working experience. Direct lighting or semi-direct lighting can be used, light is best from the upper left shoulder, or in front of the desk placed at a higher height and not harsh desk lamp. Dedicated study desk lamp, it is appropriate to use art desk lamp, such as swivel arm desk lamp or dimming art desk lamp, so that the light shines directly on the desk. If you are reading on the seat, sofa, it is best to use adjustable direction and height of the floor lamp.

I believe that such a study, sitting in it to read or work will be very comfortable.

Kids study room customization 

"Reading is the best family ethos, and a bookshelf is the best real estate." A family with a large collection of books and cultural heritage will not only affect us, but also really affect the next generation.

It is certainly good to have a study, where you can put a lot of books, quiet, and good light. Give children a good reading atmosphere. However, the children's daily reading books must be placed in the place available with the book, suitable for the height of the child, the environment is also based on comfort and ease.

If your study is large enough, then give the desk the highest treatment: not against the wall or the window, not against the window. Not against the wall and not against the window, it is arbitrarily placed in the middle. Let it enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by all the furniture. 

Plan of decorating study room 

The study, whose greatest role is for reading or office, is also a space to show the owner's 

preferences and taste in life at home. The importance of ambient light cannot be ignored. It is best to choose a space with a window if you have an independent study, so that natural light enters the room through the window to ensure that the space is well-lit. After a long time of work, you can also see far through the window to relieve the fatigue of long hours of eye use. And no window space will need to add another light source, using direct lighting or semi-direct lighting in the form of its best light from the upper left shoulder, to avoid light glare, to create a good reading environment! Especially at home to set up a "book corner" space, the placement of the lamp becomes very important! Desks and chairs in the study is the use of the most high-frequency furniture, their comfort is the focus of attention of a study family. In the process of selection, we can purchase matching tables and chairs to ensure that the desk height is moderate, soft and comfortable. Suitable bookshelves ensure that there is sufficient space for book collection. And the depth of the bookcase to 30CM is appropriate, too large will cause a waste of material and space, easy to accumulate dust, but also not easy to take the book or clean up daily.

  • Study Room Decor Ideas

    Study Room Decor Ideas

    The study room is a space that should reflect a person's character and individuality. It should be organized, furnished and decorated in a way that allows the user to feel comfortable and productive and shouldn't include distractions. However, this doesn't mean it has to be austere and boring.

  • Study Room Decor Tips

    Study Room Decor Tips

    • Make the most of a wall by furnishing it with a long, wall-mounted shelving unit

    • Incorporating open shelves and wall-mounted desks

    • The layout of the room should be adapted to the user's lifestyle and needs. It's why custom furniture is a wonderful option

    • Comfortable nook where one can relax, read and study

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