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Walk-in Closet Door

The joy of combining items and easy access – walk-in closets provide the convenience that makes getting dressed a great experience. Holike sliding doors conceal exclusive interior systems that ensure everything is to hand – with pull-out rails and shelves.

  • Walk In Closet Sliding Door
    Walk In Closet Sliding Door
  • Walk In Wardrobe Sliding Doors
    Walk In Wardrobe Sliding Doors
  • Walk In Closet Glass Doors
    Walk In Closet Glass Doors

Walk in closet door design 

Walk-in closet door design plays an important part in your overall design. The best place for your walk-in closet is along the same wall as your entry door. That way, if the closet door is left open, the first thing you see when you walk inside will not be clutter. Placing it along this wall will also help with good flow throughout the room.

Put your walk-in closet doors to swing outward or slide from side to side, which is capable to eliminate the extra wasted space in your walk-in closet. If you add a door that swings outward, you’d better take the location and swing of your entry and bathroom doors into consideration so that they will not end up bumping into one another.

There are varieties of possibilitiesin terms of walk-in closet door design. To incorporate the more latest trends and features into your walk-in closet door, Holike can provide you even more design ideas.

Walk in closet with sliding doors 

Holike walk-in closet are perfectly designed with clever sliding wardrobe doors storage solutions, which makes the most of every inch of space. Our walk-in closet doors come in many shapes and sizes - from a luxurious room to a compact corner closet.

In addition to creating privacy when you need it and opening up a space when you don’t, walk in closet with sliding doors and room dividers are the final finish on a wardrobe or walk-in closet. They are an essential design element that can transform a standard wardrobe into the perfect built-in addition to your home.

Walk in closet door size 

With proper design, a walk-in closet will offer an abundance of applicable storage space. Absolutely, if you try to jam too much into an insufficient space, even a bigger closet would be too crowded to be functional. Sticking to the standard dimensions in the design of a walk-in closet and door will ensure that your closet is as luxuriously roomy as you want it to be. 

Walk-in closet doors should be at least 4 feet width, and the closet's storage space should be designed so that there is at least a 24-inch clear passageway inside the closet.

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