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White Door

Simply white is a fresh and basic white that is perfect for both kitchen cabinets as well as for ceilings, trim, and walls. It's off-white so it's won't be too bright, but it's light enough that it will still add a fresh and clean look to your kitchen.

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Overview of white interior door 

We provide advanced design and environmentally friendly construction techniques, which means endless design flexibility for your home design. Our unique construction allows for intricate and virtually unlimited design possibilities. Solid surface construction will not shrink, split or warp. White interior door increases privacy by reducing noise transmission. 

Our white interior door has fresh, modern feel, which is a great choice for modern homes seeking a bright interior. 

Features of white interior door 

-Combining a traditional appearance with excellent value for money.

-Compared with solid wood doors, it is highly durable and more resistant to warping, twisting and splitting.

-Suitable for all styles and homes, whether it is contemporary or classic. 

-Wide usages. White interior door offers a fresh, modern feel, which is great choice for modern homes seeking a bright interior.

-Creating a sleek, contemporary feel in your home. Showing class and elegance.

White interior door in the use of decoration

1.According to the overall style, white interior door has its own function in home. For example, white interior door are more suitable for European, Scandinavian, modern minimalist style. It is elegant and warm combining with the original wood color collocation. It looks expensive with metal, leather collocation. 

2.In fact, white interior door is easy to dirty. In the decoration of the color is too light or too deep are easy to dirty. White doors over time is also easy to yellow, need to clean up often. If you do not like to sanitation of the family, or choose a dirty color it.

3.White interior door is too monotonous? White is elegant and generous. If the overall hard furnishings are taken a large area of white, you can make up for it through soft furnishings, such as pillows, murals, greenery, curtains, etc,. With the white door, the overall tone of the house try to avoid cold tones, which will not look warm.

4.Small area, with light color for the house area is small, not only the door, the overall collocation is recommended to use light color. Because the light color shows big, and light color is also brighter.

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