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Wood Grains Door

Woodgrain is committed to innovation through continuous improvements in manufacturing, investment in design, excellence in craftsmanship and use of the highest quality raw materials to build doors that are as durable as they are beautiful. Pure color are also available

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Features of Wood Grain Door 

In recent years, the demand for wood grain doors has increased greatly, and the wood grain door industry is also attracting attention. Wooden doors due to the rich colors, a variety of styles, to give a sense of natural intimacy, is also an indispensable part of the consumer home furnishings, especially wood grain doors also have sound insulation, decorative features, is the more used in the family door types.

Look at what makes wood grain door the perfect entrance into your home.

-architecturally wide panels.

-environmentally friendly insulation.

-wood grain texture is available in both painted and stained finish options.

-provide moisture protection and enhance weather security.

-energy-efficient design to save cost and keep comfortable.

Advantages of Wood Grain Door 

(1)beautiful appearance

Wood grain doors due to the use of solid wood materials, with natural wood grain texture and color, after the surface treatment, carving and other processes can achieve a very good decorative effect. Different wood also has different colors, such as white wood grain kitchen doors, and can match the home decoration style.

(2)functional diversity

Wood grain doors not only have a good decorative function, but also sound insulation, heat preservation, corrosion resistance, and not easy to deformation, is the preferred door type of most consumers home improvement. Natural wood also has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, wood texture uneven, so that light scattering, can reduce eye fatigue.

(3)green environmental protection

As wood grain doors use natural wood, do not use artificial board and other materials containing adhesives, thus reducing the use of formaldehyde, so that the indoor environment is more healthy and comfortable.

Wood grain door and home charm 

We provide wood grain doors combined beauty, strength and durability. By combining the styles, designs and options, customers can find a door that meet their unique need for enhancing the home charm with our superior craftsmanship. 

Based on our superior, quality craftsmanship, we uphold the highest standard of wood grain door in the whole industry. With our door designs, styles, and configurations, you will find the ideal door to complete your decoration style. 

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