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The 115㎡ Light Luxury Trendy Home is Amazing

1. Design highlights of furniture products

(1) Considering the future life changes of the owner, a children's room is reserved in advance, which is currently used as a guest room.

(2) Create a combined sideboard with powerful storage functions, and the combination of concealment and exposure is more beautiful.

(3) An L-shaped storage cabinet is designed as a partition between the bathroom and the bed, and a grille design is used in the middle to ensure lighting.

(4) The balcony cabinet is designed, and the custom cabinet is built according to the balcony type, so as to cover the beam and avoid the column, which is very user-friendly.

2. Furniture design for different positions in the interior

(1) Guest restaurant: light luxury and high-end, full of style.

The old house before the renovation was severely divided by walls, resulting in low space utilization and poor lighting. The designer optimized the layout of the guest dining room, removed the wall near the dining room, and created an open guest dining room, making the entire public area more open and bright.

The guest dining room is largely gray and white, supplemented by a small amount of golden elements, rendering a light luxury and high-end space atmosphere. A simple and practical wall-mounted TV cabinet brings a sense of breath to the space.


The grey low-back sofa enhances the overall feeling of the space and is soft and comfortable. When three or five friends visit, they can find a comfortable corner and chat in a spacious space.

The open-plan guest dining room design makes it easier for people who return from overtime work to eat alone. With the company of their family in the living room, the time at home becomes more relaxed and pleasant.


The sideboard stands along the wall, and the combination design of glass + crystal white door cabinet provides a large amount of storage space and also becomes a beautiful landscape in the home.

The owner has a hobby of collecting fine wine. The cabinet on the left is a wine cabinet tailored for the owner. It can not only store different types of fine wine, but also meet the needs of display. It kills two birds with one stone and the owner is very satisfied.


The open grid design in the middle of the sideboard reserves a console and sockets. The countertop can be used as a fruit storage area and a hand-brewed coffee area, and you can enjoy food when you turn around.

Grey and white mixed wall panels, combined with golden decorations, enrich the restaurant's sense of hierarchy and subtly enhance the dining atmosphere.

(2) Master bedroom: L-shaped storage cabinet, partition + storage.

The master bedroom is the daily rest space for the owners. A quiet and comfortable sleeping environment is very important, but the bathroom door of the original master bedroom was facing the bed, which has poor privacy and brings a bad psychological experience.

Considering this problem, the designer used the position between the bed and the bathroom door to create an L-shaped locker, so that there is a good buffer between the bathroom and the bed, and the problem of visual embarrassment can be easily solved.


The cabinet with the combination of concealment and exposure can accommodate the daily clothes and out-of-season quilts of the owners and couples, increasing the storage capacity of the space. The open cabinet of cinnamon pink color becomes a bright color in the space, which is exquisite and stylish.

The middle of the custom locker is specially designed with a hollow grille, which can not only ensure the lighting of the aisle but also enhance the overall beauty of the space. The open design under the cabinet extends out of the bedside table, which can hold common items such as mobile phones and bedtime readers.

Opposite the bed, a multi-functional cabinet integrating reading, office, storage, and dressing is built. In your spare time, you can bask in the sun, drink tea and read books in front of the bay window. It's so comfortable!


(3) The elderly room: simple and generous, flexible storage.

The area of the elderly room is limited. The owner hopes to meet the needs of the elderly for rest and storage, so that the elderly can live more comfortably.

The old people's room is simplified, and all the design is simple. Remove the head of the bed and create an upright storage cabinet for storage. The locker with light concubine cloth pattern + Corsican dark gold color reveals a touch of sophistication in simplicity.

The wardrobe is designed according to the usage habits of the elderly, and the partitions are hung and stacked. The use of glass cabinet doors can not only facilitate the search for clothes, but also isolate dust, which greatly reduces the cleaning pressure.

In addition to meeting the daily needs of the elderly bedroom, the health of the family cannot be ignored. Under the strong recommendation of a friend, Mike went to the HOLIKE store to conduct a careful and comprehensive inspection, and finally chose the original pure formaldehyde bamboo board of HOLIKE. It can purify free formaldehyde in the space by releasing negative ions, decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide, achieve the effect of purifying aldehyde and antibacterial, and protect the respiratory health of the whole family.

(4) Guest room: the bed is designed to be turned down, which is very user-friendly.

The owner plans to have children in the future, and there are also guests staying at home from time to time. It is not easy to meet these two needs at the same time. After comprehensive consideration, the designer transformed the small second bedroom into a children's room, which is currently used as a guest room, enriching the space functions and making it convenient to convert it into a children's room in the future.

The small second bedroom has a limited area. The designer created an integrated design of drawers + glass cabinets + closed door cabinets to provide more possibilities for space.


The invisible turn-down bed design makes the small second bedroom a comfortable guest room, meeting the needs of occasional guests. It is "hidden" when not in use, leaving more room for living: the owner can also convert it into a children's room if the owner has children in the future.

During the Spring Festival, this guest room entertained guests who came to visit. The guests lived comfortably and would not affect the rest of the family. The owner was full of praise.

After the professional renovation of HOLIKE's designer, the dilapidated and old house has been rejuvenated and has become a light luxury and trendy home that everyone envies. The owner also said that even if there are many people and clutter during the Spring Festival, but with reasonable storage, the home will not be chaotic at all, and the family will feel very comfortable.

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