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The 115m² High-end Three-bedroom Apartment for the Returnee Couple, the Classic Color Goes Viral in the Circle of Friends!

The "appearance of home" is varied, and a good home fits the owner's aesthetic preferences, which can soothe the tired body and mind. The returnee couple who loves life and understands life perfectly creates a modern mix and match + fashionable color contrasting trendy home.

1. Design highlights of furniture products

(1) L-shaped kitchen layout, convenient and practical;

(2) Build a whole house storage system with max storage capacity;

(3) Green and orange contrast, delicate and romantic.

2. Furniture design for different positions in the interior

(1) Guest restaurant

The open-plan guest restaurant is spacious and transparent, which is convenient for family members to sit around to eat, watch TV, and communicate and enhance their feelings.


The L-shaped TV cabinet in the living room is suspended as a whole to reduce the sense of visual depression, following the principle of hiding eight and revealing two. With the scientific storage, there is no clutter on the surface.

The custom-made to-the-top sideboard has a perfect storage function, which can contain many tableware and tea leaves treasured by the owner. The combination of apricot white + medium wood gray color creates a corner of the family with great taste of the owner.

(2) Kitchen

The combination of L-shaped cabinet and hanging cabinet + floor cabinet can store more kitchen sundries in an orderly manner. The cabinet doors are designed without handles, which avoids bumps when moving back and forth during cooking.

(3) Master bedroom

The master bedroom continues the main color of the guest dining room, and the overall atmosphere is harmonious and unified. The bathroom door and the bed are separated by a grid plate, which does not affect the lighting and relieves the embarrassment that the bathroom door is facing the bed.


The master bedroom adopts the integrated design of wardrobe + dressing table. The internal structure of the wardrobe is tailored according to the owner's needs. The hanging area, drawer area, and accessories area are divided. The layout is reasonable and easy to use. The design of the dressing table not only meets the owner's dressing needs, but also is more convenient for the couple to read and study at ordinary times.


The master bedroom is an important place to rest and stay for a long time, so the owner was looking for environmentally friendly and healthy boards before decoration. Under the strong recommendation, she chose the original pure formaldehyde bamboo board of HOLIKE, which can absorb formaldehyde and is antibacterial. Thus home is safer.

(4) Children's room

The children's room is mainly designed with simple design, which can meet the functions of rest, study, storage and leisure.


(5) Guest room

The reserved rooms are matched with gray, white and green contrasting colors, and the sense of depth is upgraded! Wardrobe closed door + open grid design, the combination of exposure and concealment, more flexible storage.


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